June 18, 2008 journal, Wall Street is the culprit in the high oil prices as Enron loophole. MSNBC today on Countdown reviewed the Enron exemption approved by Congress as it allows Wall Street to be specifically deregulated on oil futures enabling them to actually set the price. A member of Congress suggested the price of crude would be cut by half if they close loophole. Senator Phil Gramm's foreign wife got the deal through Congress for Enron and now Phil Gramm is on the paid staff of John McCain. It's a hopeless situation. China is drilling with Cuba on our doorsteps because we are protecting our environment. For 30 years we have had a band on offshore drilling except for the western Gulf Coast. Now just 50 miles off the Florida Keys just north of Cuba is a rich oil field and China is drilling for oil. We should be drilling and trading with Cuba if we had sense enough to do the humane thing. What is the big problem with Cuba since we consider the communist nations of Russia and China our best friends trading partners? Why not trade with Cuba? Mark 13-In that day there will be earthquakes in divers places, famines, rumors of war. The Mississippi River flood and that of rivers from Iowa and other states feeding in has cost the farmers $1 billion in lost crops. Wall Street is quick to take the advantage of this to jack up the price of farm products especially corn futures which helps the GNP and the SNP, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and all the buzzards of Temple Street Bankster's. War we stay, peace we stay, win or lose we stay in battle until the end of the world or. The big buzz is now that we have peace in Iraq therefore we can stay due to the surge but the soldiers are still dying. The United States is bogged down in both Iraq & Afghanistan in an endless war we cannot win that is bankrupting US daily to the tune of $400 million. John McCain has said many stupid things during his election campaign. But when he told Matt Lauer on The Today Show that bringing our troops home was not that important, he crossed the line from stupidity to being unforgivably inhuman and lacking in leadership. Mark 12-39,40 "chief seats in the synagogues-which devour widows houses, damnation". Blood is already running up to the horse's bridle in America's 2 foolish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because of our greed, that is the international banker's greed that control us. Deception is at its highest level when conservative means liberal, right-wing means left wing. The nation was grossly deceived in going into war but now the tide has changed. Rather than fix the problem in the stock market they say drill more oil wells. Obama has not taken that bait. It will take 5 years to reverse the problem by drilling when it could be reversed overnight if they would close the Enron gap. Ultimately, it is the corrupt Enron bill or attachment to a bill deregulating oil stocks that put California in the dark and cost them billions of dollars. The B*us*h-e-s know all about that loophole, they help make it and John McCain's head man Texas Phil Gramm whose foreign Enron wife got it passed for Enron. McCain wants to appease the taxpayers with a few dollars tax credit yet to not fix the real problem at hand. I wonder if we really need a president since the late Ronald Reagan is still running this country. Major stock houses are posting warnings of a crash. MSNBC "You have attested to: a fairly easy success; an overwhelming victory in a very short period of time; in which we would be welcomed as liberators; which you assured us would not require our troops stay for decades merely for years; from which we could then bring them all home, since you noted many Iraqis resent American military presence; in which all those troops coming home will also stay there, not being injured, a 100 years; but most will be back by 2013; "the timing of their return, is... not... that... important". That, Senator McCain is the most important issue for our bloody soldiers pressing need.