June 24, 2008 journal, Dr. James Dobson speaks out against the abortion position of the Democratic presumptive nominee. His pro-choice position appears to be the exact same as Hillary Clinton and most politicians. Why is Dobson just now speaking out this way? The present administration has done nothing to stop any abortions late term or otherwise. 800 fires burned in Southern California sparked by 8000 lightning strikes in their worst drought in history. We here have had no rain in a month & everything is now drying up. By attacking the Democrat Dobson is automatically supporting the Republican candidate. The charges that Obama is modifying the Scriptures to suit himself is what the church has done for years, yea even for centuries and now used politically is not right in my opinion. The disappearing fence along the Mexican border keeping Rio Grande water from cows. Reports the new billion dollar fence being sold for scrap along the way plus equipment. As we drive away the Mexican farm help we add fuel to the massive rising food costs. The contaminated tomato scare is I believe a phony costing the tomato growers millions of dollars dumping their crops when there is no proof that anyone is sicken by tomatoes. A $300 million contract was awarded by the Pentagon to a 21 year-old man & his front company on Miami Beach to supply arms to the Afghan army including A-K-40 sevens. Thank God, he never supplied them. He was using the excuse that a hurricane had hit. More dead American bodies in Iraq while we level city blocks and we think nothing of it. We are seeing the daily collapse of the American empire as I have predicted for years. The news media echoes the government's rhetoric that oil prices are high due to increase in demand but that is not true. There is an abundance oil and gasoline. The real problem is on Wall Street where speculator are driving the price higher artificially til the big bust. It is reported that in 1985 there was only 12 billionaires in America while today there is more than a thousand. Enjoy because the day of inflation has surfaced when fortunes will melt like ice in a fire and send you begging like buzzards in a field. We should not still be dependent on gasoline to power cars. They sell a kit to convert to burn used vegetable oil if you don't mind your car smelling like french fried potatoes or fried fish. You can most likely get it free from your local restaurant or McDonald's because it's all waste material. 800 new foreclosures in the nation are filed everyday now and prices are rising at your local supermarket daily for food and supplies daily. Credit cards are becoming lot more delinquent daily. School boards and legislators are raising taxes daily as if people were made of money. The entire world has been charmed with the U.S. dollar which is failing. The 2 wars of this administration has become an albatross around the neck of America. This is an eternal war until the end and the end is certainly near now from what I can see. Gasoline in Venezuela South America is 13 per gallon, in Norway is $11.46 per gallon. To win this war. What are the conditions of win? Would it be when all the soldiers are dead and another million Arabs are dead? The collapse of the dollar is the only way we will ever get out of these wars & stop the wholesale murder. Abortion is also murder in the 1st-degree. Wake-up America to see & understand the miserable condition we're in. On June 30 I will elaborate on the Cheney gang & their plans from the nineties to attack America on nine 1 one as a "Catastrophic event like Pearl Harbor to condition American people for war". The unbelievable evidence that we have been taken by a gang of thugs. San Francisco is blackened with smoke from a thousand fires mostly started by lightning from dry storms. Arizona is also ablaze from dry conditions and extremely hot weather. Jehovah's witnesses do not vote. Why? This may be the only area I agree with them on.