March 3, 2008 journal, Lifeline provides free medical services and with no questions ask. I continue to quote from a marvelous report by CBS 60 Minutes aired this Sunday night. March 2 where American people were getting free medical services including dental and eye glasses putting the established health system to shame including those being insured. "parking lot who'd driven 200 miles. It turned out Tankersley had two heart attacks and heart surgery a few years back, but almost no follow up since. The Tankersleys live in Dalton, Ga., and fall into the underinsured category. Marty's a truck driver and has major medical insurance through his employer. But the deductible is $500, really unaffordable. And the dental insurance costs too much. No one really knows how many Americans are underinsured like the Tankersleys. "He's the lucky one he could drive the 200 miles. He's the lucky one who got to see people today and get hooked in. There are tens of hundreds of thousands of people like him," Isaacs said. Tankersley, his wife and daughter were seen for checkups, glasses, mammograms, and the yanking of that agonizing tooth. "This has truly been a Godsend to us. To me and my family. And to all the hundreds of people that's here. I see the faces. The relief in the faces. This has been a wonderful thing," CBS) "This was RAM's 524th expedition. RAM took off in 1992, airlifting relief to Latin America. And at age 71, Stan Brock still flies the antique fleet. One of their planes, a C-47, flew on D-Day. Brock is British by birth, and an adventurer at heart. He was a cow-boy in the Amazon and then, incredibly, he was discovered by TV's "Wild Kingdom." Brock was a star - sort of a naturalist daredevil - for the program in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Today Brock is devoted to RAM - completely devoted. He has no family, takes no salary, and has no home. Brock lives in an abandoned school that the city of Knoxville leases to RAM for $1. Until recently, he took showers in the courtyard with a hose. How does he pay for all the care and supplies? "In the first place we really know how to stretch the dollar. We operate entirely on the generosity of the American people. I'd like to say that we had big corporate support in America but we don't. So it's the little checks from those people who send in the $5 and $10," Brock explained. RAM operates on a shoestring budget of about $250,000 a year. Yet, last year, it treated 17,000 patients. On the Saturday 60 Minutes stopped by, there was no sign of a let up. "What have you accomplished today?" Pelley asked. "Approximately 600 people actually showed up here and we were able to do just about everybody I think we turned away about 15 people who are going to come back tomorrow anyway," Brock said. The next day, Sunday, there were hundreds more. Tickets started again with number one. But now, the doctors were racing time. In hours they'd be heading home. Nurse practitioner Teresa Gardner, who brought in a portable women's health clinic from Wise Va. was worried about Rebecca McWilliams. McWilliams had surgery for cervical cancer in 2005, but without the recommended follow up. "It's been two, about two years since I've had my last pap smear and I was supposed to have every six months and I've only had it once since that surgery," McWilliams told Pelley. "I think many doctors would say you've taken a terrible risk waiting this long," Pelley remarked. "I've really have. But it's just, like I said, it's very hard to afford it. I have three kids. And my husband lost his job this past summer," McWilliams, 28, explained. McWilliams' pap smear came back clear, but in her exam Gardner found reason to worry. "I think just from the clinical inspection of the cervix that, you know, possibly, there is a possibility that cancer, you know, still being there," 1 of the comments posted "sportkar- ... The American health care crisis which we were exposed to the shocking, real-person parameters of in Pelly''s report tonight, is the fault of the GOP. It has killed national health insurance at every turn, to serve it''s masters the insurance lobby. If you don''t know that, there is no hope for you" The official song of South Carolina. Written by Henry Timrod, South Carolina's most beloved poet, composed by Ann Curtis Burgess Hold up the glories of thy dead; Say how thy elder children bled, And point to Eutaw's battle-bed. Carolina! Carolina! Throw thy bold banner to the breeze! Front with thy ranks the threatening seas Like thine own proud armorial trees, Carolina! Carolina! Thy skirts indeed the foe may part, by robe be pieced with sword and dart, They shall not touch thy noble heart, Carolina! Carolina! Girt with such wills to do and bear, Assured in right, and mailed in prayer, Thou wilt not bow thee to despair, Carolina! Carolina! The General Assembly of South Carolina on February 11, 1911, adopted Senator Mauldin's Concurrent Resolution that it "be accented and declared to be the State Song of South Carolina " submitted by Tammy Bushey. Indian tribes of sc first authorized in xxxx by King Charles of England. A-British attack charleston June 28th 1776-Charlestown authorized 1670 B-From 1865 to 1877 the South was plagued with carpetbaggers and scalawags seeking quick money. Confederates were not allowed to hold public office after the Civil War. after the Civil War the freed slaves were driven out all but worthless marsh land of Hilton Head and the defusky Islands but now we have taken it back for the golf greens. 1A-first to build a SUBMARINE, the Hunley 1-The confederacy was formed 1861 until 1865 2-South Carolina was one of the first original 13 states of the American colonies. 3-South Carolina militia forces under General Moultrie won the 1st battle over the British 4-Britain attacked Charleston June 28th 1776 with seven Italian troops and loss 1721-South Carolina becomes the Royal Crown Colony. The first to be attack by the Union Federal Army April 12, 1861 following the blockade of the Port of Charleston after South Carolina refused to pay Lincoln's 40 percent export tax on cotton. Rice growing. 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