March 5, 2008 journal, the word mortgage means death like a morgue and is death for so many families losing their homes. Ben Bernanke head of Federal Reserve has ordered all the bank's to arbitrarily reduce the principal on mortgages to prevent other foreclosures. However, you must approach your bank and ask for the reduction, I guess you can get it. The banks have been burned in their attempt to confiscate all properties by foreclosure. The bank's foreclose your House and evict you into the street then thieves strip out the interior of your house to steal the copper wire. Banks have had enough because they must pay from 50 to hundred thousand dollars to restore the house which has already dropped in value to 50% of the mortgage. The banks have zero investment because they create their money from thin air authorized by the Federal Reserve international banking conspiracy authorized by Congress in 1913 that gave our money over to foreign banks. Every American should be informed of this but it will not be in our schools of education. If you know it means you have researched it on your own therefore you are self educated. A bombing is reported in Time Square New York Manhattan of military recruiting office. Many people are seeing the devastation of war how it kills people and wreaks economy. Patriotism has changed to mean what it does not mean. I travel over the mountain today. Fresh snow decorated the peaks and water was spilling out of the mountain all along. I sketched an image which I plan to paint next of a man standing in a poised position and caption will read 'Appearance means everything, No. 1. No. 2 is speech'. Until the man speaks which tells everything'. A man's appearance is number-one until he speaks. That reminds me of the subject also of autism where Larry King show a dear little girl trapped in an autistic body and mind and even the government said in this case that vaccinations caused it. All this to satisfy the lustful greed of the rich commercial chemistry Magnets. We do not have a Congress but we have an autistic government running out of control. Late tonight I check in at the Buck Snort hotel at Bucksnort, Tn. I-40 west of Nashville The Bucksnort Intenational Motel is the 2-story relatively modern structure with clean rooms at 29.95 per night and guaranteed parking 3 ft. from your room door with a nice restaurant next door. A full breakfast for about $4.00 complete with a wide-screen TV receiving a signal all the way from New York City where the propaganda is continually spewed out. Buck Snort has its own exit on I-40 but does not have any mobile phone reception although they have phones in the room. The motel owned by an Indian couple as are most all hotels and motels in this country today. Reminds me of Dogpatch, Ky. A 130 million Americans will get a rebate as soon as they file their 1040 tax return form. Ordinary Americans are walking away from their homes now because their mortgages are higher than the value of the House. This also threatens the tax base in every state district. Health tip today is that Lipton tea dries out the body & must of course increase urination. Union University had an artist library and I saw an article about a Scandinavian art show with doors blocked reminding me of the painting I did on a couple muzzled. It said that political and economic involvement by the government prevents true artist's expression. An act of desperation by all banks and mortgage companies regarding their crisis. This will be the year of jubilee for those struggling to make payments to the awful banks. On Monday fed chairman Ben Bernanke ordered banks to reduce principal on loans to avoid foreclosure and I suspect the average house could get a hundred thousand dollars reduction. This is something we should offer to those being foreclosed on to help, they must demand a reduction from their banks even though many of these loans are sold off.