March 10, 2008 journal, traces of pharmaceuticals are found in 25 city drinking waters. The filter system is not a hundred percent in filtering out medications from sewer water. You may be being medicated automatically without your knowledge for a condition you do not have and even having your blood thinned. If it does not filter out the toilet water then it most likely will not filter out all the chemicals used in processing the water to so-called purify it. This may be why many people are so sick and getting sicker by the day. In Jackson Tennessee you could taste the chlorine in the water & we have it added here but we get to use the water first before it has passed through a sewer plant and recycled. Philadelphia has about 70 pharmaceutical products found in the drinking water all coming of course from the bathroom and failure of the sewer disposal plants before they recycle the water back into the river for those poor souls downstream to refiller and chlorinate it and drink it. water will be I believe the biggest crisis coming up for the future very soon. 8 soldiers died in Iraq today in the bloodiest day this year as we are fed surge is working propaganda by the Washington world media and sick John McCain Republican nominee. McCain's lymphoma skin cancer is the subject of the day after a New York Times report. He has had reportedly 4 operations already to date on his face to deal with this problem. 60,000 soldiers have hearing loss returning from the battle zongs and this is been largely ignored while 10,000 lost their hearing 100 percent according to recent news reports. We are a deteriorating nation with many hidden problems that we fail to address or admit to. The confession today of New York's governor Spitzer to a sex crime in Washington DC tops them all as Mr. Clean prosecutor of Wall Street white collar crime admits his wrong. It was truly shouted from the housetop after his 50 second appearance in world spotlight. What is it the Bible says about a fool his folly? We are truly a generation of reprobates. Many people question the courage of his wife that stood beside him in such a day & hour. Crude oil is now at $109.00 per barrel with the stock market still diving lower despite the daily blood transfusions of more artificial cash from the hedge funds allotted to the Land Barons. with wheat at $10 per bushel we are seeing food prices spiral and will expect to see shortages in the very near future with empty shelves at the breadbasket supermarkets as the American dream fades away and the people become more desperate. I see where they have figured out how to pump gasoline from stations without going through a meter. Jack Van Impe preaching on the 4 horsemen has no idea what the first white horsemen represents, saying it will be a man taking the place of God like Antichrist but way off in the future. He has that big mote in his eye and cannot see the Pope fitting that description. That big mote is the dollar bill and his extraordinary pride in his self and in his broadcast. to foreign investors and are hard to contact. I would like to start with Greenville County to stop its 500 foreclosures in progress. Could become a national enterprise for many. This is a signal of the end of the bank's or the beginning of totally abandoning mortgages. Gold is at a thousand dollars per ounce. I have been predicting all this and it has come. March 11, 2008 journal, the Fed offers $200 billion to the banking system to fix loans. Why not, it's our money anyway. The public will never see it but it is a trade off where banks can actually trade in their sour mortgages for fresh money to loan. It's mentality of the trickle-down system that allows major contractors to hire three more minimum-wage illegal workers. Nothing now will save this crushing Empire that is steeped in sin. Admiral Wm. Fallon has fallen as head of the mid-eastern military operations because he talked and told his resistance to this administration attacking Iran policy in recent Esquire Magazine. The decider will tolerate no resistance in his rare ranks of subordinate officers. New York's Republicans in legislature are planning to impeach the governor if he fails to resign within 48 hours. Why can't they impeach the Commander & Thief in Washington? Former Mayor of New York Ed Koch said that Elliott Spitzer has a loose screw in him. Pat Roberson said today on his 700 club that Spitzer was unmerciful in his prosecutions When Spitzer goes the lieutenant governor a blind black man will become the governor. A professor at Columbia University and everyone seems relieved and pleased about it. The Civil War is finally coming home to New York after 150 years of no practice what they preach. There is no doubt there is much corruption in New York financial district. Pat Roberson said that Spitzer got what was coming to him because he prosecuted both guilty and innocent people. He will now likely get free room and board in the big house. Pat Roberson also said today that the mountain of private information collected by the NSA is astounding and that it just must cease because it violates individual rights of the people. I would like to ask Pat why he supported this administration and did not see the dangers perpetrated on the people earlier under the fear tactics and propaganda being produced. He said as I have said that they record every phone call, e-mail and fax. This government needs to destroy all that mess and get back to reality. The President sang in one of his private parties with a stupid looking Texas hat on singing a song gloating about beating the system. There's convincing evidence that Christian people are being routinely ridiculed by this administration as fools & crazy for supporting him in being his artificial Christian claims. Will this nightmare ever end? When will they play George W.'s tapes? If this nation is to survive and certainly not being the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, they must reverse the Patriot Act & abolish the Homeland Security Department. The people are not brave that have tolerated this insanity going on in Washington D.C. We have no freedom of speech, we are not a free people by any stretch of imagination. A report on teenage girls that 25 percent of them have sexually transmitted diseases is very disturbing when you know their lives will be forever changed & future jeopardized. I have delivered my art show to the new Spartanburg Art Museum on Saint John Street. Starkest disco hit " it 8647062474 up yet should dump fall line in Middle of State is sacred battle