March 25, 2008 journal, A State of Emergency in America, we are to preach the gospel. With the political campaigns going haywire as Hillary tells her story of false bravery in her landing in Bosnia and as a desperate move attacks her opposition with Church stuff. The markets are in turmoil as the green zone in Baghdad is under study mortar shellings. We are seeing Biblical prophecy being played out and we should abandon this immoral nation & invest in spreading the gospel of salvation full-time to meet the daily challenge. With cranes falling from New York to Miami while the Midwest is flooded, we are now experiencing the great American meltdown and collapse of the world's greatest empire. no my documents, only September of 2007 and they're not in order. Filed under William Thompson documents. my documents should be restored as always before and should be in full lines order given the full description on my journals. what music mouse is reversed on clicks and is too fast Times New Roman Western comes up in 10 point should be 12 why is option divided on startup. Eliminate the horses completely Why are icons renamed? What do close tabs mean? Some are single click and some are double click. era moves to fast for me. Identify all icons. no path to documents my most important. not in order numric order