March 26, 2008 journal, all out renewed bomb in Iraq where 4 soldiers burned to death when their Bradley hit a roadside bomb. The Green Zone haven is taking on missile fire. Iraqi people are suffering great loss of life daily as the war goes on at full speed ahead. Imagine being burned alive than a steel tank you cannot get out of in this foolish war. The insane cancellation of flights by American and Delta is destroying the airlines in this country stranding thousands of passengers without notice causing unreasonable damage. Pat Roberson has a huge personal bodyguard to protect him even at Regent University. He is on again today promoting Israel and criticizing Iran for some reason not justified. Pat has egg on his face from endorsing Rudy Guiliani the weirdo from New York City. Rush Limbaugh is highly critical of John McCain mocking him and saying he will not be the blame for this one. The presidential race is falling apart. The driver's license hanging. I went in to get my driver's license renewed and I was required to put my face in a viewfinder to read figures and I had trouble reading all of them. I had a form put in my face on a clipboard to fill out two pages asking me for my Social Security SS # and what race I was. I ask the black lady what that meant and what that meant and what I should put there. She said I do not know. I was told then that I must take a driver road test because of my handicap. I said that is discrimination. all the form was voter registration, organ donation as if you're going out & kill yourself driving. if I put down I am white then that's not right. White would be like leprosy skin from a leprosy disease pure white. I told the black lady I cannot believe this state ask for race in the 21st century. She said is not on your driver's license and neither does your Social Security number appear on your car's license. Out to the form and went to another location where they also a tacit eyes but I too heavy reading glasses thinking I could read the numbers without a struggle but I could not see them all with reading glasses so I took the reading glasses and read in numbers all correctly without glasses at all. Meanwhile I prayed to yeas to Galway for and it took mean less than 10 minutes to get my new drivers license. Never approach the problem without praying first. Pray for the Lord's protection. Thank God this state did not adopt the federal ID program for driver's license demanded. That would have required putting your DNA on your driver's license like Mark of Beast. The Federal Reserve has operated in secret now for 95 years but their cover is blown. The Federal Reserve international banking conspiracy will be the aliens in the near future. They will be the hunted haunted ones with no place to hide like other common criminals. Most people still do not know or realize the awful Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave away our currency to this mobster bankster crowd of international banking conspiracy. We are now starting the war up all over again bombing real live people in Iraq. Iraq is quarantined with martial law from today through Sunday due to serious fighting and shells hitting inside the green zone. These people will drive us out of this war soon. I support our troops with a one-way ticket home never to return to kill and to be killed. When they overrun the greenszone there will be no hiding place for U.S. troops anymore. Bear Stearns Chairman sells his stake for $61 million down from $1 billion before failure. His rewards are being questioned. This buyout was a face-saving for the United States. Obama wants to know why they can bail out Wall Street but not main street of the USA. Today I am painting hurricane Hugo hitting the Charleston area September 22, 1989.