May 12, 2008 journal, the big earthquake in China may have killed a hundred thousand. 7.9 on the Richter scale collapsed school buildings killing children in this little known but heavily populated area of central China. The first U.S. military flight landed in Burma to help the hundred thousand victims of the cyclone and their families survive the terrible crisis. Chengdu Providence in central China is devastated effecting an area almost a big as the United States. Shockwaves were felt in Beijing after shocks are also a problem. Blood is flowing worldwide as we continue to kill the innocent people and Iraq and be killed. The Midwest is hit again by violent tornadoes killing 23 people this weekend. Fires burn southern Florida closing I-95 with smoke and destroying hundreds of homes due to the drought conditions of the Northeast is flooding. Rainwater is redistributed. This administration has examined every weapon found in Iraq with a fine tooth comb and finally admit that not one weapon is supplied by Iran. Iranian interference is just another big lie of this administration just like the weapons of mass destruction which generated the Iraqi war. With the dollar is completely worthless them the war will stop for good. Joe Lieberman is being called the hatchet man for candidate John McCain on MS NBC. Bill Moyer has written a book about our loss of liberty or democracy under the guise of the war on terra. John Edwards tells Hillary to cool it to accept the true that she has lost. The Libertarian Party has a true conservative running for their parties nomination. former 80 wild fires are burning southern Florida closing I-95 due to extreme drought conditions. Congressman- J. M. W. Turner. Sounds wonderful Rand. this is the eighth printing in their permanent collection of my work, 6 are of the Revelation series 3 by 4 ft. purchased during the turn of the millennium when I was chosen as one of the 100 artist of the last 100 years of the 20th century by the South Carolina Arts Commission. one artist representing each year. I have not heard back from my friend in Chicago I thought would buy and donate the painting but it's OK. This is an opportunity for a tax credit and for name recognition. It's good for the artist and the contributor. I am not accustomed to being paid for my work. Except for the 6 paintings of Revelation in the case of the state museum, they purchased the seventh one from a collectors estate in Columbia after he suddenly deceased. the 7 days of creation at the American Visionary Art Museum was commissioned by them and was totally given to them free of charge. the waterfalls I did for the new state mental health clinic in Greenville 9 by 15 feet I gave to them. They offered to pay my expenses but the paperwork was to extensive so I did not apply. They saw my work on the Kansas City ETV. E.T.V of South Carolina spent 2 days here filming also but I am never lucky enough to see it when it plays. my next big hope will be that you are successful in getting my work into the Smithsonian and the New York museum. I am pleased with my Show at Myrtle Beach where I was given 100 ft. of wall space inside by the House of Blues and it moved the artists and the public powerfully. i moved the Spartanburg show down there and brought it back home. the show is entitled Genesis to Revelation which includes an 8 by 15 ft. mural of Revelation shown beside the seven days of creation. Artist normally purchase more my work than the public. i never price my work on shows because it is a mission and ministry for me. Dear Ringo-thanks for calling. I have predicted in my journals for years this situation and now it is coming true with the dollar falling and gasoline rising and spending on the wars. also it is an election year which traditionally stalls the economy but this is more this time. tornadoes or three times worse this year killing 25 people last weekend in Arkansas and Missouri. There is floods in the Northeast and raging wild fires in Florida. This country has a severe water shortage and those in power keep raising taxes on every little thing.. our honeybees are disappearing and they pollinate the fruits and vegetables. even our stupid little state passed a law last week to incarcerate employers for hiring illegal aliens which is to say Mexicans. The crash of the dollar will actually cure many bad practices. I was happy to learn from you of the present situation update because I will forever try to help you in any crisis. This country is in a serious depression economically while the gas companies are getting richer but in fiat money which is worthless paper. Gold is the only true value currency or maybe silver. every day the independent foreign Fed prints more money to invest in the stock market and to buy dollars with dollars to trick the economy and to save the world but that gets old while Wall Street is falling on its face entirely. silk flowers were never more than 1 or 2% of the average household budget and less now. In recent years half the local florist have gone out of business and wholesalers also. However, the graveyards are still full of silk flowers being supplied by Garden Ridge pish and by hobby lobby who runs silk flowers at half price almost continually now. I think they have expanded too fast and their future is in jeopardy. They have large stores here but very low business. Wal-Mart still has junk flowers. Olin's former company may make it if they truck flowers directly to the florist. I purchased some sheets in Myrtle Beach to background my art from a roses store which I thought was out of business but are still in business. they brought up the name Reliance trading, are they still in business? You may have the best customer already even though they are over demanding in the case of penalizing you for late shipments or not filling super size containers to save on freight. I suggest you cultivate super dollar stores and variety wholesale which may be your best future. Super dollar is billing stores on every street corner and even in the countryside here. Do not let them push you around. stay in control even though that is sometimes hard to do. You must break them from finicky little things causing you to lose money. the government is keeping many secrets and one of them is the emerging North American Union which will merge Mexico and Canada with the United States and issuance of the Amero money. if you are in place when Mexico is opened up then they could use thousands of containers per year of artificial silk flowers. Mexico has the greatest demand of any nation on earth for silk flowers but their money does not spent therefore they cannot buy them. In any case it would be the very lowest end. You may need to manufacture them elsewhere. The Mexican people have a taste of higher wages in the USA and it would be hard to manufacture inside of Mexico now. it has always been a corrupt place to do business and i doubt it will change very fast even if the North American Union does happen and I believe it will happen by the end of this year. things are changing so fast here daily until I do not expect we will need another president. Mexico charges 100 percent duty on flowers. This merger must go through what this puppet president is still in office other wise it will expire. it is said to be a done deal. I want to be your ambassador to Mexico. Exxon local Mobil reported $10 million billion dollars profit last month quarter and that was after setting aside 5 percent for expiration. The conspiracy to drive to prices higher and cause physical suffering is apparent. An interview recent interview with the commander of the revealed that he had stopped playing God in respect to the dead soldiers and numbering over 45 or four foul not counting it up to 0 1 million dead Iraqi people innocent men women and children. He said it some people told M. Iraq had weapons of but any idiot should know that we supply them both long ago supporting their war against Iran would they kill 200,000 Iranians. I tried to locate the exact tax used by Tissot Burma on MS NBC to describe this weasel president. May 14, 2008 journal, commentary of Kieth Olberman on MSNBC is bravely profound. responding to an interview May 15, 2008 journal, this foghead over there celebrating Israel 60 made a stupid political statement against zero of not talking to iran.. is a live brought May 15, 2008 The enclosed CD contains high density digital photos of a traveling show entitled Genesis to Revelation by William Thomas Thompson. The Revelation mural is 8x15 ft. while the 7 days of creation are 3 x 4 ft. tall ea. With the related pieces the show requires about 80 ft. of wall space. This combination opened at Union University in Jackson Tennessee on January 2, 2008 and survived the tornado that destroyed their campus on February 5th. The show was then moved to the new Spartanburg Art Museum (SAM) in the Chapman Cultural Center on St. John St. until May 3rd. The show then moved to the House of Blues at Myrtle Beach for the weekend of May 9th. The show is now available for other institutions free of charge. Please contact William Thomas Thompson. my art website is 864-907-5411, Greenville, South Carolina.