May 29, 2008 journal, the chief thief is now in the frying pan and he brought it all down on himself, it is like an earthquake hit Washington DC with the truth being told by Scott McClellan. This is the very best thing that could happen for the people to know the truth. This war was started on propaganda to serve the selfish and ruthless desires of one man. Make sure your sin will find you out. Timing is perfect for Scott McClellan's confession. White House counsel called Scott a friend but said his book was totally crap and he said this before we really had read the book. It is he and this administration that is total crap. Easygoing soft-spoken Scott McClellan has delivered a knockout blow to the appeasers. He has confirmed what we knew all the time that this administration is extremely corrupt. I assumed this malarkey president was only a puppet but now I see it was partly his huge ego as his motivation. Everything they say to discredit Scott McClellan's confession book just proves him to be honest and correct. Finally, this awful crooked killer administration has come to the cliff and brink of disaster by a simple little honest guy from Texas who finally figured out what a sucker he had been and wrote a book naming all the crooks. Today Condolisa struck back with her poison snake venom to register her awful ill will. These con-artist are backed into a corner and this administration is disintegrating. Scott McClellan is not the only or the first administration official to resign but the first to really tell his story and he has it all right. It is not patriotic or morally correct to harbor lies for friends that are wrong. Protecting your friends in lies is a crime before God and man. Was Scott McClellan in the loop of presidential information or not? If he was not then why not because he was their spokesman to the media. These idiots firing off damage control are not considering that if he was not in the loop then that is a crime within itself. If he was in the loop then he is telling the truth and in any case he is now telling the truth. Like thed communist nations have done, they declare their dis-loyals or dissenters insane. John Dean says Scott McClellan will be void of friends in Washington and I am sure that is true. He said they will accuse him of things he never dreamed of being involved in and they will bury him with subpoenas forever. When you come against the powerful you may get hurt. The president is puzzled & disappointed with Scott for telling the truth on them. Powell was used to sell the Iraqi war to the United Nations and John Ashcroft resigned rather them extend the homeland security illegal wiretapping as the president insisted on. George Tenant resigned the CIA due to similar circumstances, I guess there's 25 or more. They tell a press secretary only what they want to communicate to the public via media. The continuing campaign for the war is a big issue and they are using the same tactics on Iran. I believe the American people are getting smart even the evangelicals and I believe this president will be shamed out of office now that they have a sudden opposition leader. Scott McClellan finally realized he was being used as a scapegoat so he simply resigned. The Texas Supreme Court ruled all the children had to be returned to the compound and any ongoing investigation must deal with individual children or each child as individuals. This nation is falling apart at the seams morally yet we have the state paid hypocrites. 17 girls under 17 years old are pregnant at one high school in Gloucester Massachusetts. I wonder if producers of Sex and the City are proud of their achievements and influence. What is the difference in this abuse and what may have gone on at the Texas compound? If you think this Congress or President has a low rating, Olmert has a 3% approval rating. Israel's Olmert crisis about to be revealed showing massive corruption and sexual abuse. The half has not been told when it comes to the support of Israel out of taxpayer funds.