October 3, 2008 journal, Congress is being stampeded to bailout Wall Street Manhattan. A congressman from California when ask if he will vote for the bailout said "HELL NO". Ralph Nader said it is a bad bill and it moves us much closer to the cliff of total disaster. They know every minute counts as people learn the truth they move away from passage. Overnight Wells Fargo Bank stepped up and purchased ailing Wachovia Bank for $15 billion without government help paying $7.00 per share down from recent $52 per share. They paid more than the highest bid that had bid for it with government help like McCain running for president getting $90 million given to him by the taxpayers as his opposition is getting no government help. We do not need Sarah Palin to tell us what John McCain will do. We already know John McCain all too well and I cannot appreciate her slang in describing the average America as a Joe 6 Pack and reciting the word "darn" repeatedly. Now California is asking taxpayers for $15 billion just to pay their police and firemen. I have predicted that this police state will not be able to pay their police and it is coming right on time for the great insurrection where hungry and desperate people will overrun Wal-Mart and every grocery store in this country taking out what they need to survive. Picture New Orleans after Katrina or the abandoned cities in Florida where whole sub-divisions are vacant and city services discontinued. We have empty subdivisions here. They will feed the law-enforcement first as they did in New Orleans and they will treat the sick and elderly with euthanasia as they did in New Orleans. John McCain has now begun shutting down his failing campaign by his exodus from all of Michigan yesterday. This steamroller Pork and Wall Street bill may hasten our demise when they put those Treasury bills out on auction and nobody buys, that will be the point of no return for us. Public Radio reported that London Gold dealers have sold out of gold so it is going up. There is one thing much worse than crash of Wall Street and that is crash of the dollar. This president and his administration is a flaming torch and Sarah is just dumb enough to recite those famous words of "White flag of surrender in Iraq" even though the General Betrayedus recently said we could not use the term "victory" in the Iraqi war situation. The government reports 159,000 jobs were lost in September totaling 800,000 in 08. The bailout bill passed the House of Representatives a few minutes ago and they will soon be back for much more if they can get this one financed by foreign countries. I know it's not over and I see a lot of trouble trying to hold this dead economy together. Revelation 19-2 "For true and righteous are his judgments; for he has judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand". We must remain faithful inspite of great tribulation on the way. Today Bill Maher releases his new documentary film entitled Religulous & I understand why he wants to show all the crazy doctrine of the religious world including Christianity. Soon after the Wall Street bailout bill was signed they came on TV to announce that the people should not expect to see any money or difference in financial situations for weeks to come so the people of America are once again robbed by Wall Street and their banks. Arnold Schwarzenegger will settle for 7 billion right now to help the state of California. These bank robbers completely ignored the extension of unemployment funds to people. The Chamber of Commerce was one of the biggest promoters of this Wall Street bailout. The American people have been left holding the bag but they may get a big surprise when they offer the bonds for sale and they have no foreign buyers to finance the $700 billion bailout or the continuing of wars or paying for the Social Security and Medicare monthly.