October 5, 2008 journal, the sellout of America Bill being called economic abomination on CNN and I say that describes it so very well. The half of the economic crisis has not yet been told to the people by which they are transferring the debt burden of Wall Street as though onto the backs of the workers. About 10 percent of the American homes have been or are being foreclosed. America has lost millions of jobs. The stampede generated by Wall Street to rob main street may be the last heist when people learn what happened. If the Federal Reserve independent banking conglomerate does not have the money then America must borrow it from China or print it as fiat which is sure to devalue the $dollar. Hundreds of thousands of people called Congress on Friday but the Congressman had no ears and betrayed the American people to vote yes on the economic salvage package bill. This is a treasonous act by members of Congress. Congress is running scared & reckless. The Internet shows the U.S. government has already given states like Florida millions or even billions of dollars to repair and remarket foreclosed houses before this $700 billion. In desperation law makers will go for broke to save themselves but nothing will stop the avalanche of economic disaster and remember that we cannot live alone because we have exported our jobs and productivity therefore becoming a dependent nation and no longer a independent nation. When China stops buying our bonds we are dead in the water. We print worthless money or have the false Fed to authorize it until the entire world rejects it, which will collapse the economy immediately. We are prostrate because we have abused the privilege in fighting wars and wasting money on corporations like Halliburton being a friend of the president and VP until our image abroad is of a crazy out of control nation. The world is watching us and this bailout bill has given us too much exposure as being a weak Empire economically on the verge of collapse which we really are & getting worse. For the last 8 years we have listen to phony religious politicians promising to stop those awful abortion mills & make us a great nation yet nothing happens but more extortion or corruption and insane wastefulness. Now we are more dependent than ever and deeper in debt whereas on September 15 2008 the collapse of the mightiest nation became apparent. Spending is killing us so we do more spending as the only solution USA has ever known. I hope we will be so broke that we cannot ship weapons of mass destruction to any others. My prayer is that we will have common sense but the people are drunk on propaganda of the media and they tune out reality. Members of churches are largely drunk on doctrine. We have gone too far now and sank too low to recover this economy. There is no big daddy that can bail us out. The $700 billion bailout bill does not even address the real financial problem of millions of foreclosures and millions of jobs lost. When they all talk about clogging up the system, what about homeless and hungry people clogging up Wall St. system. We have not seen anything yet compared to what we are about to see soon. For a decade now America has survived on the house building industry inflating prices. For seven years now we have been fighting in very hot wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The cost of these 2 wars may be as high as $500 million per day accomplishing nothing. Look at all the money spent to bailout Wall Street before the bailout bill with 300 billion to the Federal Housing Administration, 87 billion to J.P. Morgan Chase to buy Lehman Brothers which we thought they did not bailout. 50 billion to prop up the money-market funds; 300 billion in earlier loans to Wall Street firms. 200 billion to Fannie and Freddie, 29 billion to J.P. Morgan for Bear Stearns. 85 billion to save AIG totaling another trillion dollars prior to the 850 billion bailout bill. These figures are enormous, the U.S. is broke.