September 19, 2008 journal, the Federal Reserve takes over this country and resources as of December 1913 and today they have wheeled their power in a mighty big way to in debt every American for 3600 more dollars of their worthless fiat money we pay to print. The inmates are in charge of the asylum for sure. They switch problems from one sewer to another but the rotten base is collapsing as God Almighty is bringing US to judgment. I know that "Where there be prophecies they shall fail" but I predict McCain will resign. As they say, "this is the last straw" and it separates the average working people from the wealth and gives it to the stock marketers & bankers but do not worry because it is just fiat money and may not be worth the paper it is written on any day now considered debt. Poor old lost McCain just cannot keep things straight saying today that the chairman of the FEC should resign-Federal election Commission, when he meant to say the chairman of the SEC-Securities & Exchange Commission who is resigning at the end of this term. Other goofups were contributed to McCain this week, he comes out so strong against his opponent on trivial issues. McCain does not give any appearance of being at all honest. Keith Olbermann of the MSNBC Countdown program offered $100 for an Alaska charity for every lie Sarah told. Tonight he wrote out a check for $3,700 and put it in the mail. Sarah was found to lie 37 times and now they have her preacher, a black preacher from Kenya that prayed over her and prophesied that she would become governor of Alaska. Sarah credits this man for helping make her governor after he drove a witch out of Kenya. I am not making this up. You can verify it on MSNBC Countdown program which says the man is a witch hunter. I say they should bring him here & assign him to Washington where there are more witches than can be found in all of Kenya. The woman he drove out was reported to be a fortune teller that caused auto accidents. Sarah being installed by a witch hunter may get a lot of free press of the kind John McCain may not want or need. I cannot help predict now what is so obvious that this major bailout will sink America. McCain blamed Obama for being a newcomer but now he blames him for this financial crisis. Is there anything left for McCain to blame? Ned Sloan told me that he was going to hold his nose and vote for McCain. That is a pretty strong willed man and determined. Both candidates seem to approve this catastrophic bailout of all of America's bad debts. How long will it take Wall Street to reoccur in the same predicament being habit forming. Then there is Biblical prophecy which predicts all this & it is surely coming true quickly. Why pay your mortgage when the government will do it for you, perhaps the same for my credit cards debt. This giant step for America fits all the socialistic trims and fulfills what I have predicted that debt would be wiped out. Give Caesar his due and let the prisoners go free. This Fed action must be approved by Congress but it will be overwhelmingly as Congress belongs to the Fed instead of the other way around. This gift by Congress and Woodrow Wilson of 1913 assured our future would be in bonds to debt and that we are. Why should those struggling jobless workers continue to pay their mortgages when those already cashed out get them for free. You can now expect an avalanche of foreclosures. Then instead of you paying them on the mortgage let them pay you to live there to protect their property from vandals stripping it out to harvest the copper wire for a scrap market. Perhaps the government will finally let people live in a House free of charge and pay the taxes, the utilities and upkeep. The initial investment is only one trillion dollars but it will like the Iraqi war get bigger everyday and cost trillions before long perhaps as much as it cost to fight the Middle Eastern wars. They say if they do not do this it will all be lost.