September 33, 2008 journal, 777 is a triple complete number may mean it is finished. Allow me one more day in September still to chronicle these most bazaar happenings. That 777 triple Biblical complete figure the stock market lost on 29 seems to be a sign. Slick Hank Paulson was about to pull off the biggest bank robbery in history of World. What is the difference in Hank Paulson & Wall Street? About 200 miles and he is rich with $500 million made on Wall Street, perhaps why American people do not trust him. John McCain had already banked credit for passing the bill before it failed in the House. John McCain said to be bipartisan and yet he in his next breath criticizes his opponent. Thank God the blessed bill went down the drain to defeat and by Republicans in House. The big heist failed and they blame it on the Democrats yet it was the Republicans that killed it which is the best thing the Republicans have done in their 8 years in my opinion. Neither the president or John McCain have any influence any longer with the Republican Party. The rats are leaving this sinking ship all but a few big mouths with no brains at all in their heads that make radical statements to the press every time they do get any chance. A seasoned Republican House member said Nancy Pelosi did not change one vote when reminding the House the Republican deregulating administration had caused the problem. The immature remark by Republican Congressman John Boehner was proven to be false. The failure of America may be just bad business like any other aggressor empire in all of history like we could have studied and known about Napoleon's march to conquer Russia. We may be just another foolish empire led by enormous greed to grab up other countries. Members of the United States House of Representatives said the government was holding a gun to their head to force them to vote for this bill and they were rushed to pass it quick before the general public could communicate opposition or before the law makers read it. My faith is somewhat restored in Congress hoping they will ride it out for the taxpayers. Phone calls to Washington were running 25 to one against the bailout bill and some have reported 99 to one across the country. The public servants are thinking of their reelection. The president spoke as if he were holding a gun to the heads of the American people and seizing on the fact that Wall Street lost a trillion dollars. So what! The American working people are not in bed with Wall Street and the average American will never see those $'s. Over night I felt lead to write a book entitled Home Free, The Great American Heritage. The book's message would say that every American deserves a mortgage tax free home. Wall Street is our enslavers & persecutors as our mortgage debt generators from nothing. Gov. Sarah Palin is quoted verbatim as funny enough without hiring a comedy writer as her double appeared on NBC Saturday Night Live making the entire world laugh loudly. Perhaps she can get a job on the Comedy Channel. I think it is John McCain not ready to be president acting like a fifth grader. Please do not be deceived by all their propaganda saying we must have this $700 billion bailout of the clowns & the Mafia on Wall Street. Thank God for the Jewish holiday that will delay the bill from being reentered for 2 days. We are a Jewish state although I am not up to speed on which Jewish holiday celebrated. I say to let the new administration handle this problem after January 20 if USA still exist. I would be in favor of canceling all home mortgages and freeing the people from all debt. I would be in favor of canceling all credit card debt because those swindlers deserve it. Credit-card companies are charging customers 30% interest and that is excessive usury. The bailout will make no difference for most Americans and the country cannot afford it. Let us renew our faith in The Lord/God Almighty, Yesu/Yehweh and forget Wall Street.