April 29, 2012 journal, I cannot fail to inform my people of true gospel and true history. I have rediscovered the beauty in Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, Book of Enoch. It is wonderful to read from the wisdom and knowledge of God our creator, think future. CBS 60 Minutes aired a interview with chief interrogator Rodriguez from South America who admits water boarding and many more atrocities resulting in zero added security for America. The cover up continues of who done it while U.S. have turned the entire world into a battleground. The current president did stop torture but we still have Guantanamo Bay prison holding innocent people forever. Now they just use the predator drones to kill people as preferred over taking any prisoners. This way there is no need for their torture. What has America come to? Where is America headed? I pray God Almighty to save us from ourselves in America gone crazy. All this is being done in the name of Christianity. God sees all these atrocities and will punish all those participating, advocating, funding. It will be a real tragedy when American people find out what this rhetoric is all about. We kill people by remote-control 10,000 miles away without knowing of any crime they have committed. They had to get them a mean old foreign national to carry out their super enhanced illegal interrogation known as water boarding to make people say what they wanted them to say. Just ask any national broadcaster and you get the same propaganda. Now they have a confession from a man that had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on America nor is he capable of planning such an attack. Modern Israel is off the hook. there are reports that American stealths are staged near Iran and I can only imagine the hellfire that will result if they strike on behalf of and at the orders of the Israeli masters. Dissidents in China are protected by the United States Embassy but dissidence in the United States live in real danger that a predator drone may target them anytime and blow them away. Why are American citizens not equal or entitled to the same protection as we give China on human rights? More friendly, more Christian-After thinking about it overnight, this morning it came to me clearly to share with you those three pieces of art as a matter of Christian principle. You have chosen the right pieces and it would be my pleasure to let you have them. Eve at the apple tree, the 4 beast of the Apocalypse, the Coming of the Lord. I believe in the spirit of giving as God is generous with us. Best things in life are free. An artist from Buford also a schoolteacher of art has just given me one of her prize pieces I wanted my wife to buy it for me for Christmas but it was too expensive. She taught art at Tulane and lost her home to Katrina. As a rule artists are very generous and many have given me a piece of their work. I do not feel I belong to the folk art industry but that's where the art industry has placed me. Perhaps the term visionary suits me better. I donated the huge 7 Days of Creation to the American Visionary Art Museum after they commissioned me to paint it. I have never entered any of my work in any auction other than the two isolated cases I mentioned to you. There could not be many floating around. The Joe Adams collection of America oyes was about three years ago was auctioned off but I never thought it would be sold in that way and it was out of my control. My art is available free of charge for showing. I have 8 paintings in the permanent collection of the South Carolina State Museum. "Give to those who ask". It's my duty. enjoy the art. "The Lord knows our needs before we ask." My Christian friend needs a car because his blue the engine and he told me that when he was in Bible college people tried to give him a car but now the situation with cars has changed. For some reason the question came to me that if I pray for him to get a car to transport his family to work and church that I must be generous in your request. He at this moment does not have a job. In my travels I have picked up people hitchhiking and often purchased food for the hungry even dogs sometimes leaving myself without travel money. The Bible teaches us to give to those who have no means to pay it back. I gave a young man a ride on the mountain some years back after he had spent a night in the cold and I bought his lunch, he looked at me in amazement and said to me. He thanked me and said nobody had ever given him any thing free in his life. He took the food reluctantly. His parents were separated and he was going to see his dad in Tennessee. I never had seen him before and never will see him again. What a blessed opportunity to serve the Lord. I said to him, you owe nothing in return. This meal is free. I never got to know Finster very well but they said he was generous in giving away his art but when the dealers got a hold of it, it was very expensive. Money corrupts the world. Enjoy the art. I do not have a Finster painting in my collection except a small one by his granddaughter. There is a saying that "If money will buy it, then it is cheap". The early Christians pooled their assets and lived as one big family. Much of the world still do.