December 23, 2012 journal, the day 99 years ago that the United States Congress gave away the peoples currency to the foreign Federal Reserve Act conspiracy of Rothschild and his company of bankers originating in Germany to control the world by our currency. This is not a day to celebrate because it reminds us of our idiot Congress and President Woodrow Wilson who fell in the trap of the Zionist Russian Khazaria killer Communists. Lord deliver us from this disaster I pray but why should you when we have let it happen. This is not my opinion, this is the truth verifiable a thousand ways yet we continue always serving an imposture people with a noose around our necks and their law of our silence. As the 1913 Congress considered money more important and loyalty to God and country, people today do fear and worship their bankers until they foreclose your home and steal your children. Foreclosures are the disgrace of America after all the multi-billion $ dollar bailouts & riches of Wall Street sinking the world economically with derivatives trading. It makes Burnham Adolf lot like a saint compared to the pongee scheme of the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street super casino gambling machine wasting Americans money. Did Congress get paid to trade off our currency? Yes of course I believe they did do it for money and that is the most costly mistake ever made other than one stepping in front of a freight train. Funny thing they paid us with our own money and we never knew it happen. Today we are occupied and fully controlled by swindlers from coast to coast sucking our blood. The good old boy Masonic Lodge contributed their reputation to these swindlers. Some say the Zionists are now in full control of the Freemasons also plus Skull & Bones, plus Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus Catholic secret fraternal organizations and a hundred more. The secret Russian Revolution Holocaust of 1917 installing Lenin to kill Christians and even the oil Executive in order that the world price of crude oil would go up and Wall Street would benefit. Ask George Bush's grandfather how he help finance the rise of Russia in Communism as he helped finance Hitler in the rise of Nazism where-in the death camps were the secret hiding places for the Zionist to survive and multiply. At this rate considering the food American people eat, we will all die of cancer very soon. Our Bank was robbed by someone with a Florida tag just a mile away and it is frightening to think that violence is so near. The bank closed down with a swarm of police officers.