December 26, 2012 journal, a double agent of Antichrist with his double wife and Israeli ministry riding that scarlet colored beast of Revelation 17 promoting Antichrist, for profit as the false prophet. Beware of John Hagee his false doctrine prophecy misinterpretation. Comments posted by tboneAtlanta- Why were John Hagee taken off TBN? "Fear not, my friend, John Hagee has the most secure job in America. He is not going anywhere... they still run Hagee all the time here in Georgia. Hagee has one job, one issue, and that is to keep fresh gasoline poured on the grassroots "anything for Israel" movement that they are trying to popularize among the evangelical Christians (of which I am one myself). Hagee is a Zionist propagandist Tool. Most all of the media we all consume is overwhelmingly Jewish controlled, so that's a big reason why he's so popular. If you go against the grain on this Israel issue, you are not going to go very far at all. I urge all evangelicals (again, I am one) to try to get informed on the Israel issue (as best as you can, given the lop-sided coverage you have access to) before you just blindly support it based on one side of the argument. If you have more than one child, you fully understand that if you have 2 kids, and they get into a fight while you're not there, if you only get one side of the story, you probably aren't well enough informed to know who's really to blame. You need to get both sides of the story. Each child will most likely make the "facts" look more favorable to their side, but only when you hear both sides of the argument do you become fully informed. Usually you'll find that both sides will present "facts" that are (technically) true, but they'll most times conveniently forget to tell you "the whole truth". That's a simple illustration of what passes as "journalism" in the Unites States today. You have to understand that in the United States, OVERWHELMINGLY, you are force fed pro-Israel propaganda that is designed to motivate you, the American Christian, into supporting their Jewish world-domination agenda. We are useful to them, only as long as we continue to provide the money and the military might to expand their empire. We are supposed to send our sons and daughters to fight and die in far away countries (who pose no threat to the continental US) to forward Israel's goals. If anyone pops up and questions any of this, they are instantly branded an "anti Semite" and silenced. Not every person in Israeli has this Zionist worldview, there are many good people in Israel who are against this movement, and I truly feel sorry for them, but the people who rule Israel are, for the most part, more "racist" than any racist you know here in the states. And to set the record straight, I am not an "anti" anything. I'm just PRO-JESUS. (Yesu) I don't believe Jesus loves a Jew any more than He loves an Arab. I believe He loves us all and that He came and died for us all. And he is also into Christians United for Israel. And does that yearly US / Israel prayer day. So? I guess you can check his website also. Search John Hagee. I think it is or something like that". Comments- choko_canyon choko_ca... A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category. The advertising $$'s dried up. That's what always happens. Fed up with the crap here. Maybe he died! He and Falwell can both rot in hell. Discover Questions in Religion & Spirituality. Why is your God real...? Is there a religion that says you have to convert or suffer the consequences? Does everyone agree with this? I wish to protest gay weddings and people opening a gay bars in mine town, how am i do this? More questions about john Hagee sermons what proof are there that John Hagee teaches the bible wrong? Does anyone else find Pastor John Hagee Hilarious? What do you think of John Hagee? What exactly did John Hagee say about black people and women? Why has John Hagee not done a new sermon since October? Today on Yahoo! Neighbor took in children who fled shooting-Gene Rosen saw six students in his driveway. He gave them toys, fruit juice, and comfort. Don't get audited: Twelve IRS red flags. White House cites 'obstacles' to gun control-School aide's boyfriend was set to propose. Answers Int." "John Haiti affair, scandal, divorce. Pastor John Hagee: Divorce, Affair, and Scandal-Did you know that Pastor John Hagee has admitted to an affair and then scandalously divorced his wife and mother of his two children to marry the woman he had the affair with? And that he has publicly stated that he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? "All hurricanes are acts of God because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that." - John Hagee. John Hagee is married to Diana Hagee"Oh boy. Another major televangelist pastor, John Hagee, has turned out to not only be a crook but a complete moron. John Hagee has made many extremely offensive remarks regarding Catholics, Jews, Islam, homosexuality, and women, African Americans, Hurricane Katrina and even the Bible itself. I just don't understand how heretics like John Hagee can gain such a huge following in the evangelical Christian world... I guess it just goes to show the type of people who are involved in such groups. Even John McCain (below right) has sought out the company of John Hagee and recently received Mr. Hagee's personal endorsement. Previously, I have discussed Pat Robertson's "power shakes" he sells and Joel Osteen's refusal to defend basic tenets of Christianity, but I think John Hagee just might take the cake. John Hagee has publicly stated in a commercial peddling his newest book In Defense of Israel that "Jesus refused to be the Messiah" and that "there was a Calvary conspiracy by Rome, the high priests and Herod to execute Jesus". Wow, is this televangelist on drugs? My guess is yes and there will be another scandal like that of Ted Haggard. He claims that Catholics and the Roman Church are somehow responsible for millennia of anti-Semitism and the death of Jesus Christ. Utterly ridiculous. Pastor John Hagee has also publicly stated to the 19,000 active members of his congregation and millions of television viewers that the United States of America MUST launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran immediately. John Hagee not only publicly states that he holds such beliefs, but he contradicts himself time and again in his personal life- John Hagee had an adulterous affair and divorced his wife to unbiblically remarry a much younger woman from his own former congregation. What does John Hagee get in return for his heretical ministry? John Hagee has a $2.1 million dollar 7,969 acre ranch with not one, but FIVE lodges, a manager's house, a gun locker, a smoke house, a skeet range and three barns. In the year 2001, John Hagee received $842,000 in salary and $414,485 in benefits making him one of the best paid men on earth in ANY field. For comparison, Billy Graham (probably the most well known living religious figure in America), took only $174,000 in compensation that year. I went into business to make money, but perhaps I should've become a pastor!!! Pastor John Hagee's Heresy In order to generate controversy to help him sell more books, John Hagee created and distributed a commercial featuring him attacking the Catholic Church for helping plan the murder of Jesus (don't ask me how this happened, considering that the Catholic Church wasn't founded till later). A direct quote from John Hagee says, "Most readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolph Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews. Watch the video for yourself and see the outrageous claims Pastor John Hagee makes: Please take note that John Hagee specifically states that Jesus Christ did not come to Earth to be the Messiah. How on earth can anyone, much less millions nationwide, follow a pastor like John Hagee who publicly states that Jesus was not the Messiah?!?! I just don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something... perhaps John Hagee is a self-help guru like Joel Osteen or something. Ugh. I am beginning to lose my faith in humanity the more I read about some of these selfishly evil mega church pastors. Pastor John Hagee Advocates Pre-Emptive War on Iran Many people advocate pre-emptive war on Iran, but few of them have the ear of President George Bush like Pastor John Hagee does. Pastor John Hagee is a Zionist Christian: he believes that the Book of Revelation in the Bible specifically says any nation that does not defend the state of Israel at any cost will be eternally damned. John Hagee has sold millions of books spouting nonsense conspiracy theories from evil global financiers trying to destroy the Jews to saying that the U.S. Postal Service was trying to destroy his ministry (the USPS said Pastor John Hagee's Ministry hardly qualified as a non-profit and as such was subject to regular rates on mass mailings). Pastor John Hagee's current ramblings are trying to exhort his millions of followers to push their elected representatives to pre-emptively go to war with Iran, before Iran can destroy Israel. To this end, has raised millions of dollars and even had personal conferences with the President of the United States himself to try to convince him of this view. After these meetings, President Bush took a noticeably more hostile stance on Iran and much of his rhetoric is phrased in religious terms Scary. Watch John Hagee's video below to see for yourself what he says: In his video, Pastor John Hagee says that if America does not defend Israel than God's wrath and judgment will come directly down upon the heads of the citizens of America. John Hagee is a slick marketer who plays upon people's fears and hatreds to make money and push his insane policy ideas. People oppose to his ideas are damned according to him. Not only that but according to him, "What is the point of having free speech if you have nothing to say?" I'd say that John Hagee sounds more like Hitler, then the Roman Catholic Church who he accuses of being like Hitler. Adultery, Divorce and Salary of Pastor John Hagee "Christians don't steal or lie, they don't get divorced or have abortions." - John Hagee A mega church televangelist like John Hagee who spouts outrageous beliefs and has millions of followers must lead an immaculate personal life to keep his congregation listening to him, right? Wrong. People apparently will follow John Hagee blindly and will not question him even when details of his adulterous personal life are made public. John Hagee was the leader of the charismatic Trinity Church in 1975 and was the father of two children. John Hagee had an adulterous affair with a woman and admitted to immorality in front of his church. Pastor John Hagee then divorced the mother of his two children and married a younger woman (Diana Castro, now Diana Hagee) from that same congregation. Pastor John Hagee willfully abused his position of trust and power to take advantage of a younger gullible woman and cheat on his wife. So what happened after John Hagee admitted to cheating and abusing his power? Did he repent and pursue becoming a better person and living a life based on Biblical principles? Did people stop following his ministry? The answers are very obvious. John Hagee married the woman he cheated on his wife with and immediately became the pastor of another congregation- the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas. Pastor John Hagee went on to push his evangelical, speaking in tongues Cornerstone Church into becoming a mega church that televises his weekly sermons. Nor did he do so for free. If you visit the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas or watch Pastor John Hagee on his television show, you will see him perched on top of an enormous white and blue throne watching his massive choir or jazz band. When they finish, John Hagee will approach the pulpit for his favorite time of the week- tithe time! Pastor John Hagee has his congregation members raise their money towards the sky and repeat after him "Give and it shall be given." He then instructs his audience that "When you give, it qualifies you to receive God's abundance. If God gives to you before you give to him, God himself will become a liar... If you're not prospering it's because you're not GIVING!" Contained in those few sentences is everything that is unscriptural and wrong with the New-Age "Prosperity Message" pushed on gullible congregations by mega church pastors nationwide. Pastor John Hagee needs to revisit the portion of the Bible where Jesus went into the synagogue and pushed over all the tables of goods. His statement above is in direct contradiction with the Bible. Using his lies and deceit, Pastor John Hagee has grown into an enormously wealthy man. In the year 2001, his organization filed revenues of $18.3 million dollars with the IRS. What was John Hagee's personal compensation package worth? More than $1.25 million dollars. His nonprofit organization, GETV, has a mission statement reading "Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ". Somehow I think his nearly 8,000 acre Texas ranch does not help that mission. Not only does Pastor John and his wife Diana Hagee own that sprawling ranch, but they also have a 5,275 foot, 6 bedroom mansion in one of San Antonio's most exclusive gated communities (The Dominion). The house is appraised at $700,000. So who is monitoring Pastor John Hagee and his largesse? Who ensures that the millions of dollars that gullible grandmothers give him is spent to further spread the gospel of Jesus Christ? 3 of the 4 Directors who monitor the board of his nonprofit GETV foundation are his direct family members- his wife, Diana; his son, Matthew; and himself. What does Pastor John Hagee have to say about his income and wealth? "I deserve every dime I'm getting." _John Hagee. What a disgusting human being. Multiple religious organizations and other experts on television ministries have said that John Hagee has a conflict of interest and what he is doing with GETV and his compensation package probably crosses into the realm of criminals. "We prohibit any personal profiting on a product that is promoted and marketed with the dollars that have been donated to the ministry," said Nelson, with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. The arrangement with the book sale profits or "royalty payments" being placed in a retirement trust - instead of being counted as ordinary income - created the impression that Hagee was trying to avoid being taxed for ordinary income, an intellectual property rights lawyer said. John Hagee basically is laundering money through his nonprofit so he doesn't have to pay taxes on it, then paying it to himself so he can live an opulent lifestyle while the mission of his foundation goes unaccomplished and the poor gullible grandparents who send him money go hungry." From Pastor John Hagee: Divorce, Affair, Scandal So here's a guy who has apparently even denied that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page". Pastor John Hagee, John Hagee Divorce, John Hagee Affair, John Hagee Scandal Posted by Roger Bovee-Labels: john hagee affair, john hagee divorce, john hagee scandal, pastor" 3 comments: AnonymousApril 15, 2012 Butthurt much? Sounds like you're whining in this article. I'm no fan of Hagee, but you. Pastor John Hagee: Divorce, Affair, Scandal Did you know that Pastor John Hagee has admitted to an affair and then scandalously divorced his wife and mother of his two children to marry the woman he had the affair with? And that he has publicly stated that he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? For more see http://famous-conspiracy-theories-we...ce-affair.html http://famous-conspiracy-theories-websites.blogspot.com Quote Originally Posted by rwbovee View Post Did you know that Pastor John Hagee has admitted to an affair and then scandalously divorced his wife and mother of his two children to marry the woman he had the affair with? And that he has publicly stated that he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? For more see http://famous-conspiracy-theories-we...ce-affair.html And that he has publicly stated that he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? I'm no fan of Hagee but I dont believe you're accurate with this one. The affair is enough yes? Jethro Bodine; Yeah, thirty years ago or something like that...and which he brought to the attention of his church himself in full confession and repentance. As a fellow Christian living with the same temptations the rest of us do, give the guy a break. He's made his peace with God about it. Who are we to hold it against him? "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him." (Isaiah 53:2 NIV1984) I don't know what to say. Someone should tell me what to say. ...Oh Lord, help me to hate my own ways and love Your way!. doch nicht mein, sondern dein Wille geschehe [A true husband is that man who is willing to die for the wife at any point in time, and a true wife is that woman who is ever ready to have the husband die for her] Re: Pastor John Hagee: Divorce, Affair, Scandal But then they say he makes over $1,000,000 a year and he says he deserves every penny of that. What about self denial? http://famous-conspiracy-theories-websites.blogspot.com Quote Originally Posted by rwbovee View Post But then they say he makes over $1,000,000 a year and he says he deserves every penny of that. What about self denial? I would say don't worry to much about it. People tend to throw money away at people for reasons unbeknownst to us. If Hagey performs or effects someone's life enough that the person gives him money, that is between Hagey and the person. The Best thing for you to do is if you feel there are things wrong with what Hagey is saying then point it out to people and then let them decide, after your council whether they still find him credible or worthy of their money. People who step into the spotlight often think that they will be an example or use their notoriety to spread the Gospel. What they often do not perceive is that an environment that focuses on and elevates "self" quenches the Spirit and cuts one off from the wisdom of God. Having a failed "ministry" is sometimes the best thing that can happen to them. When we see such sad characters, we should consider not waving a scolding finger at them, but pray for them that God would enlighten their hearts such that they would see the danger they are in an escape before they bring the name of Christ as a mockery before the world. rwbovee is offline famous-conspiracy-theories-websites.blogspot.com offerings Do you apply the same standard here to Ted Haggard? The guy who cheated on his wife by smoking crack and fornicating with gay male prostitutes? Do I have any respect for Haggard? Last I heard, he and his wife have stuck together while he works through his transgressions, so yes I have some respect for Haggard. Do I have any respect for Hagee? No. This guy is a clown. And his million dollar lifestyle? Camel meet eye of needle. Matthew 7:15-16-15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? That's two post in one day the lord has given me the opportunity to use his words. BAM! Zing! It's not about what you've done, are doing or will do. It's about what he's done, is doing, and has promised. We are not good to be saved....we are saved to be good."