July 12, 2012 journal, it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. After death judgment is the next thing you will know even if it is a thousand years away. There is only one-way to be born and there is only one way to die but there is the choice of heaven or hell for all eternity. There is only One right way to Live and only One Right way to Die. There is only one right but a lot of wrongs. There is only one God and one way to heaven but the Broadway leads to hell. There is only one You and only one Me. We have only one life to live and one time to live it so make the best of it every minute to count as a blessing to be blessed and to bless others with our time resources and presence. There is only one way for us to pray, that is to conform to God's will so we will be heard. There is only one Bible to read and we must make sure we harmonize with its inspiration. We have 2 eyes but one vision, 2 ears with one hearing, 2 legs with one walking, 2 hands that must synchronize that all things must be in harmony with the creator God our Father. Be delivered physically, mentally and spiritually by faith in the divine Christ the Lord. Washington is grossly corrupt and does not deserve to exist in my opinion. Needs to be shut down at least and all Congress people prosecuted and 0never let out of jail or Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay slime and torture prison for taking our money from the Crypto Israelis. A family was murdered by the second hand father over the weekend in Oconee County. Another murder-suicide in Anderson County over the weekend which is a sad County to begin with. Anderson Cooper declares himself gay as if anybody wanted to know. The repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah is for sure as America falls into a crippling drought, fire and floods. Even southern Russia is flooded to the death of hundreds where the Zionists are. Flesh eating disease and now a mysterious lung illness in Cambodia killing children. What a sad situation of America is in and with debt piling up on individuals, households that can never be paid off. National debt is piling up to a mountain that should never be paid. I would think it was / is high time for the American people to revolt and take their country back from the unscrupulous Russian converts to Judaism of 743 A D as God's favorite people even though they are clearly artificial with no kinship to the Israelites. When it is bad enough they will I believe but I discourage anyone trying to make that happen. God will judge the people in time and remove the Russian Communist Israelis which is to say the Zionist banksters who have robbed the true House of Israel of their heritage. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act was the turning point for the Rothschild banks. Israel was formed in blood in 1948 to legitimize the fake Israelites of Russian Communist European Jews that never occupied Palestine in their history and have no right to it at all. Do we want the truth or do we want to live a lie question, and shameful Christians follow off after the Beast of Revelation. America is occupied by the Antichrist Russian Khazars. The nation of Georgia and surrounding area of Russia is the poorest people on earth and they solicit the Christian Church daily advertising for help to move those people to Israel. America will continue to go down in defeat so long as the Church fails to recognize false Israel in favor of the private foreign Federal Reserve Bank Act of the Rothschild dynasty. The 700 Club repeats their program on the over criminalization of America and it is true. With over 2 million people in prison and rising every day Congress does not know the laws they are passing in this political rodeo arena. They just vote on the political climate. American people are being incarcerated on finicky menial offenses that nobody knows is against the law. Let the people be free and let Congress and the bankers all go to prison. Let George W. and Cheney be arrested and tried in The Hague for genocide war crimes.