March 26, 2012 journal, I applaud the spirit of giving and it is natural Biblical Christian. Sewing a seed is the doctrine of oral Roberts and not of God. Show me all the rich people that have been giving to TBN. If that system worked then they would all be rich, not poor. It works to make TBN rich for their lust and excessiveness. If sow a seed worked like it is presented on the airways then it would put Las Vegas out of the gambling business. All you need is one disgruntle person with a determined lawyer and there will be big trouble. I have recommended for years stopping making promises for God to keep or the station to keep. I recommend they discontinue all outsider promotional fund-raisers commissioned or paid. Use your local pastors and get their congregations involved and committed. The article I sent you said that when they offered a miracle on TBN within 24 hours to seed sewers, all 200 of their phone lines lit up. the only good thing May Be that many would not have sent their donation before they were supposed to have received their miracle the next day so they probably trashed it hopefully because it is ill-conceived. Many cases, in any case, the host probably walked away with his commission on every call that was received. It is in my opinion is taking advantage of the poor people to con them. Finding one person that can honestly say this worked a miracle for him or her would be like CNN trying to find one person healed in Benny Henns million person healing campaign in Atlanta. There was no healings yet he does not give their donations back, he is one of the top TBN front men. He is another one of the abominations in Christianity. He is a fraud. These are scavengers of Antichrist and anti God and do appear to be basically reptilians. People need regular untelevised prayer and healing as I see in your prayer meetings. I am seeing another need also for religious discussions or debates to bring people together. Many people want to testify, share scripture and manifest the Lord God to others. Most church folks do not have the opportunity to discuss their feelings in church with other Christians. I see many people coming in for prayer for healing and not just to pray on those Saturday mornings. They genuinely need healing for themselves and I do believe in divine healing. All these needs are about to get bigger and more devastating. I have no answer or cure for this problem of greedy 'sow a seed' Antichrist preachers of the Christian gospel. By now the industry's dependent on such fund-raising tactics and it cannot survive if this is stopped. I can only advise to work out of it to genuine scriptural fund-raising. Put the burden on the back of the mainline churches and openly say to them that you will stop bringing in outsiders to con the people and leave you with problems it causes. You have an abundance of help if you will cultivate it totally free and without potentially legal complications. I urge you to be brave and switch to common-sense fund-raising by the charity of the heart as opposed to strange mysterious magic promises that cannot be kept. I am discovering a lot of good sincere people even preachers like Charles Stanley of Atlanta First Baptist who is a blessing to hear preaching /teaching the genuine gospel of Christ. The name Jesus in the last 200 years has taken over from Christ name as Yesu before the letter J came into being. In Germany it is Jesu but pronounced Yesu. The King James Bible first English translation 1611 spelled the name of Christ as Iesus. On the mission fields they have miracle healings when they use the name Yesu. His name was changed by the English-speaking world and when the missionaries go over there and pray/ preach in 'Jesus' name the interpreters change it to Yesu, in fact, most non English-speaking nations address Christ as Yesu. I am just saying get rid of the high pressure. There are so many needs in the community today and the world is hungry and homeless. There are so many local needs and that I hope you will think food bank for the hungry for local people and a Swap Meet so people could trade for things they need on Saturday mornings in your parking lot perhaps. It is just a suggestion. Let people sell fresh apples, strawberries and peaches in your parking lots and fresh vegetables starting about 6:00 am on Saturday morning for free. Let them bring in their pickup trucks or what ever and sell their tomatoes or baked cakes, milk butter cheese, etc. as Christian service. Almost anytime of day you can turn on TBN and there is some big creature preacher pointing his finger in your face saying 'sow a seed' in his ministry and you will be wealthy. I fear you could still be held liable for those promises since you carry them without a disclaimer. Unfortunately the Christian television industry has come down to this level. Sincerely.