September 19, 2012 journal, every little paper subdivision springing up is a gold mine for the taxing authorities oppressing the common people with excessive taxes on real-estate. Every American deserves to have a home free of any mortgage or taxes to live in peace. If it is used for farmland they get nearly nothing taxes but once it changes to subdivision, the county gets about 10,000 percent increase per square inch in taxes on peoples homes. even trailers are taxed at a very high rate making no difference if a person is well are sick, employed are not employed, single mom or couples. Taxation is a historic wicked system. Tell the schools to go fly a kite and stop the aggression through taxation persecuting poor. "It's so familiar that it's almost a cliche: Yesterday in New York City, the police arrested some people on Wall Street. But it wasn't any of the bankers and traders who've broken the law of the land, gotten rich off the suffering of those less fortunate and crashed the American economy who were wrestled to the ground and bundled into police wagons. Instead the NYPD - Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg's "private army" - arrested almost 200 nonviolent protesters, not to mention several journalists (including a Truthout contributor), grabbing them off the sidewalk for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, the banksters are free to throw money at political candidates and shape the election to their will. And at least one of the men running for president, Mitt Romney, has made it as clear as day that if he's elected, they'll have free reign to continue plunder-ing. Romney doesn't find greedy, criminal bankers distasteful - it's the poor he can't stand. So who's going to hold the rich and powerful accountable? It's those same independent journalists who risk their necks to expose the truth, whether it's the misdeeds and secret agendas of those at the top, or the people working from the grassroots to make a better world." It has started, another war- "Big-Deck Amphibious Warfare ship was all alone in the Arabian Sea, patiently awaiting orders to liberatethis or that middle east country of their oil reserves. This is no longer the case: launching today in general direction - Middle East - for a brand new 7 month engagement, is the LHA 1 Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group, consisting of the amphibious assault ship, the USS Peleliu which consists of 4000 marines. LHA 1 also comprises of the amphibious transport dock USS Green Bay and the dock landing ship USS Rushmore. Also deploying Monday is the Marine Corps' 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and elements of Fleet Surgical Team 1, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23, Assault Craft Units 1 and 5, and Beach Master Unit 1. And as we reported previously, the middle east veteran - the CVN 74 Stennis aircraft carrier - was providently already on its way. In other words, in about 2 weeks, the Middle east will be the focal point of 3 aircraft carriers, 2 amphibious assault forces, and who knows how many "developed" world armadas, all hell bent on securing that one extra bit of Middle East oil, under the guise of spreading democracy and liberating the local people who "hate America's for its freedom." This is how US naval assets stand as of last week viaStratfor : more on the latest Marine reinforcement s: Also deploying Monday is the Marine Corps' 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and elements of Fleet Surgical Team 1, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23, Assault Craft Units 1 and 5, and Beach Master Unit 1. Their departure comes against the background of ongoing tensions with Iran over its nuclear program and amid anti-American unrest throughout the Muslim world triggered by an anti-Muslim film trailer posted on the Internet. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans working for the .State Department -- including two local former Navy SEALS, Encinitas resident Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods of Imperial Beach -- were killed by an armed force in the Libyan city of Benghazi on Sept. 11 amid demonstrations over the film. The sailors and Marines in the Peleliu Ready Group recently completed nine months of training scheduled long before the current anti-American unrest flared. Rescue training is a common part of pre-deployment training for Marine expeditionary units. The final pre-deployment training was on the evacuation of noncombatants from hot-spots, according to U.S military authorities. The exercise included role-players on San Nicholas Island and Victorville in San Bernardino County who were "rescued" by Marines and taken by helicopter to Camp Pendleton, the Los Angeles Times reported. The 15th MEU was on a deployment similar to the one starting Monday when the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks occurred. Summoned back to their ships from a port-call in Australia, the Marines were among the first U.S. combat forces into Afghanistan just weeks later, The Times reported. Bullish Brent calendar spreads may be cheap to quite cheap once all this firepower finally arrives at its soon to be liberated, pre-election destination. 4 US Aircraft Carrier Stennis Is Now En Route To Join Enterprise And Eisenhower Off Iranian Coast Three US Aircraft Carriers Now In The Middle East With Fourth En Route Third US Aircraft Carrier Returning Unexpectedly To Mideast Ahead Of Schedule Guest Post: Why Everybody's Going To War in the Middle East US Navy Says Any Disruption To Straits Of Hormuz "Will Not Be Tolerated" Operation Oil Liberation! Be afraid of Netanyahoo: The Iranians have been a few years away from a nuclear bomb for 20 years. They've also said that they want to remove the "black stain of Zionism" (some would call it Jewish fascism) from the face of the earth. Israel has built nuclear weapons apparently with stolen enriched US uranium(note that Press TV is Iranian news so get other sources as well). Umm, I got it! Let's respond by invading and taking their oil because "they hate our freedoms" and "everybody deserves our democracy". Yeah that should work. What could go wrong? I feel your pain. But, it is not our fault that the State that will be used as the example case for the coming global nuclear security regime is Iran, and that the marines in those troop carriers get angrier each day they spend cooped up off shore in the heat. Sure, should have maybe happened already, absolutely. Surely no one thinks any state who can build a bomb has a right to do so if it chooses? That is untenable, hence the inevitable: Iran will be overturned, to demonstrate what happens to regimes that even lurk as develop weapons. Unfair? Sure. The club is closed. Too bad. Iran commander warns Israel, US against attack"...I think nothing will remain of Israel (should it attack Iran). Given Israel's small land area and its vulnerability to a massive volume of Iran's missiles, I don't think any spot in Israel will remain safe," he said. He said he did not believe however that Israel would attack on its own. Should the U.S. launch a strike, Jafari suggested that Iran could respond with missile salvos at U.S. bases in the Gulf." -Gen Jafari's comments come as U.S.-led naval forces from the West and Arab allies gather for naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf that include mine-sweeping exercises. I'd be pretty afraid of 4,000 U.S. Marines personally... I know, I know. Your silver book is pretty much balanced and JPM has no interest in whether the price of silver rises or falls. Sorry for jumping on you Blythe. Doesn't matter what you wanted to say the fact is that if you want to occupy country you have to deliver at least 50:1 ratio of soldiers to population so for Iran it looks like you'll have at least 2.5 mln of your troops there. Good luck Supplies required for a post bombardment civilian population will be somewhat less than those consumed by the pre-bombardment population. Likewise the number of troops required for pacification must consider this decrease to arrive at an economically realistic ratio... "Doesn't matter what you wanted to say the fact is that if you want to occupy country you have to deliver at least 50:1 ratio of soldiers to population so for Iran it looks like you'll have at least 2.5 mln of your troops there. Good luck " Ben will print all the troops necessary. Well, the tanker terminals are coastal, along with several refineries and natural gas storage facilities, and several islands that can function as "lilly pads" as the Marines like to say (Khark and Kish). Plus, that's where the WMDs are... The Spice must flow. From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli(Again), We fight out country's battles, In the air, on land and sea...." So.......are they carrying those 750 million bullets the DHS ordered by any chance? Or are these guys the sacrificial to speak. < Yay, Barry's Peace Prize in full effect! Mary had a little lamb and his name was Barry O, And everywhere that Barry went, blood was sure to flow. This is why a lot of wars are fought. The Crusades were fought because European kings couldn't have a lot of highly trained killer knights with nothing to do so they sent them far away to fight "Holy Wars". Ring a bell? Besides-US police depts/DHS only have a limited # of job openings for psychotic PTSDed ex-grunts to fill. That mentality had a lot to do with Spain's exploration and conquest of the "New World". They had just ended a long war against the Moorish invaders and needed to do something with the troops. It may have played a part in the 2nd and 3rd Crusades. But the 1st Crusade was the brainchild of the Pope. It was his answer to a request for aid from a christian ruler in Turkey. He did not have troops to spare at the time, so he came up with the whole "Crusade" idea on the fly. Problem was that most of the folks who sped off to the holy land in exchange for forgiveness werent soldiars at all, just impoverished peasants. The guy in Turkey was not particularly pleased. All around, one of the more fascinating periods in Western civilization. More over, none of those battles ever ended, and the banker class that arose as a result of the Pope's over extention never went away. We remain mired in the last crusade to this day. When you understand that, just about everything else makes 100% perfect sense. Otto, I agree with most of your post, but gave you the down arrow for your PTSD reference. Yes it is real, and yes it does take a toll, but the stats being touted by the NY Slime and other lame stream media outlets are politically driven bullshit. If you look at the stats honestly and relative to the general population of similar ages the returning warriors are still in better shape than most of us. All I am is asking is to look below the surface and get beyond the bullshit before slinging that broad accusation. I am all up for the debate of right vs. wrong on the never-ending wars, but that was a low blow that is not deserved. Dig in and check the real data and the great work that is being done to bring these kids home and get them back into civil society. Nobel Peace Prize Truth is these 4,000 are heading to Italy to protect the Honor & Glory of the Crown: Former Navy SEALS"-so that means they are paid mercenaries on foreign soil-much like the Hessians of US Rev War or Roland and his Tommy gun in Biafra worse, they could be back home trying to adjust to civilian life. ;) From the looks of one of 'em in my wife's family, they get paid well. "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself." Exactly. Those people are on the other side of the planet. As long as your neighbors aren't getting their heads blown off, it's all good. The Golden Rule is intact. Let freedom bells ring! BTW, who is footing the bill for this particular Great Crusade? Oil tumbling faster then house prices?"