January 03, 2013 journal, why are suicides so high, have you watched television lately, it is like a war zone yet the highest rate of suicide is from the battle torn returning veterans. Public television is a cesspool. God is vanished from America leaving the devil in charge. Let us look back and forward to see where we came from and to see where we're going. Suicide is not the way to leave this world I assure you because it is unnatural & ungodly. Suicides are higher among returning veterans that cannot reajust to civilian life. 100,000 of them are homeless. Subject: Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control-Puppet Masters- Sott.net-Good read!! http://www.sott.net/article/254873-Sandy-Hook-massacre-Official-story-spins-out-of-control Beyond all the other contradictions and changed stories, the biggest problem I see with the official government line is the idea that a mentally challenged 20 year old with no military experience or weapons training could have maintained his composure, carried that many mags, and fired that many rounds in that short of a time period doing that much damage. Whoever did this was extremely well trained and was totally able to disconnect his mind from his actions. This is a Liberal source but this particular article may be important enough to read. http://www.nationofchange.org/ndaa-under-attack-1356885206 http://truth-out.org/video/item/13577-fbi-on-wrong-side-of-history