January 08, 2013 journal, Americas elevator is going down only, the ball is dropping at a higher rate of speed than ever before on a democracy mistakenly classified as Christian. I knew a man who committed suicide recently for no apparent reason except depression. He was a Christian man and was not homeless or hungry but seemed disappointed in the world. Why are veterans committing suicide at a more rapid rate? They should have not been in battle. It is no honor to serve your country if you are ordered to kill the innocent people in any country. War is no excuse for killing people. America had no excuse for war. A soldier is being tried for killing 14 innocent people in Afghanistan in his rage. If the country expells God then there is nothing else but hopelessness and ultimately death. The Hatfields and McCoys had no excuse for killing each other in the West Virginia and Kentucky feud. AbrahamLincoln had no excuse for starting the Civil War killing 672,000 men on both sides. Satan is the author of all war. American people should say no more war. Lunitic televangelists are pushing war on Iran not having learned their lesson in Iraq. Andrew Wommack from Colorado Springs Christian Bible teachings inspired me to think that if God made us in his image then do we look like him. Were there people in heaven before the creation of man? Would man have lived forever had Adam-&-Eve not sinned? Why did God create Satan the Devil other than that he will have a tried people in heaven. Adam-and-Eve were the nearest to God yet they sinned and were forever shut out of the Garden of Eden. All sin has dire and everlasting catastrophic and eternal consequences. Always do your best, never fail to fulfill the duty that is appointed unto you and take the advantage of every opportunity to serve. Have no regrets. Study scripture and pray daily. Never have an abortion no matter what because you will regret it all the days of your life I guarantee if you are a normal person. What is legal for man is a sin before God Almighty. Brit-Am Historical Reports (31 December, 2012. 18 Tevet, 5773) 1. The Assyrian Exile. Interesting Quote from a Hebrew Language Children's Book. 2. Brit-Am Translation "IN THEIR RUINS" (2-Ch. 34:6) Confirmed by Other Translations. 3. The Assyrian Exile: Articles and Sources 1. The Assyrian Exile. Interesting Quote from a Hebrew Language Children's Book. Quote: In The Period of the First Temple: The King of Assyria had already exiled the Ten Tribes from their land but Jerusalem and its inhabitants were still intact. Hezekiah was a king without equal for righteousness amongst the monarchs of Judah. Seated on his throne he commanded his men to fortify the walls of the city against the King of Assyria....The King of Assyria! Ten ye years beforehand he had already exiled all the inhabitants of Samaria. He had also conquered 150 cities of Judah and exiled those who had dwelt in them... Unquote. Source: Translated from the Hebrew, H. Eisner, "Shekitat Nitsachon", a comic book story based on historical events for young people. 2. Brit-Am Translation "IN THEIR RUINS" (2-Ch. 34:6) Confirmed by Other Translations. In our article, The Completeness of the Exile. Answers to Deniers of Brit-Am Biblical Truth We said, #(4) Claim 4: Josiah purified the cities of Manasseh, Ephraim, Simeon, "even unto Naphtali" of idolatry. Does not this indicate people of the Northern Kingdom ... The King James (KJ) says: "AND SO DID HE IN THE CITIES OF MANASSEH, AND EPHRAIM, AND SIMEON, EVEN UNTO NAPHTALI, WITH THEIR MATTOCKS ROUND ABOUT" [2-Chronicles 34:6]. The words translated above as "WITH THEIR MATTOCKS" in Hebrew is "BeCharvotayhem" which means "IN THEIR RUINS"! King Josiah went around the RUINED CITIES of Northern Israel and destroyed the remnants of idols he found in them. The verse in Hebrew actually affirms that the cities were in ruins and presumably uninhabited. See also: "Daat Mikra" (Sefer Diverei HaYamim-b) p.902: #The matter of the verse as read is "becharvotayhem" in their destroyed cities. This is how the Aramaic translation renders it (Bait Tsadiyut-hon -in their ruins) and so too does Gersonides: Cities that were then in ruins#still remaining?" n.16 For "charvot" in the sense of deserted cities Psalm 9:6 Ezekiel 36:4. [Daat Mikra points to the related expression "churba" in Arabic]. etc, We did not refer to other English translations in answering the above query since it is not our policy to do so. The reasons for this are varied, they include: 1. When we began our research the Internet did not exist and checking other translations was not a click away (as it is now) but a good few hours (or days) in the library and then with possibly dissatisfactory results. 2. It still involves extra work and we consider it superfluous. 3. Comparing English Translations is liable to bog us down with irrelevancies and detract from our own authenticity. We prefer to compare our renderings with works in Hebrew or Aramaic which is a related language. read more- http://hebrewnations.com/features/bars/bars31.html