January 09, 2013 journal, I cannot see into the future of 2013 other than a dead Reserve. Give it up-100 years ago up until 50 years ago only the man worked, with no mortgages. 2013 is the 100 year anniversary of the clandestine Rothschild foreign Federal Reserve. America is definitely Mystery Babylon with our power Illuminati control of our currency. Yes, it is happening to America and I see nothing but chaos in the future as we have gone to war and America is killing people by satellite Predator Drones and aborting babies. The Babylonians are behind all this yet when have we last protested in front of a abortion clinic. The Antichrist rules America and the world through the pagan dollar symbol of Satanic rituals. America worships politics and not God. Stop working and go fishing and draw your 2 years employment security insurance from state and federal probably more money than your SSI will pay. I am not sure if you can draw them both simultaneously. The real physical cliff is when all those homeless people come home on government and banks for taking away their jobs and houses. Why work because there is no way to keep up with inflation. When the foreign Federal Reserve secret banking system creates money in trillions to bailout European banks at the expense of the poor working people of great America, then it's time for change and I do not mean to the Republican Party. It is time to start over, to buy a mule and plant a garden, to have house raisings and cut your own wood. Why work, we could live like the Kuwaitis on oil royalties if it were not for Wall Street stealing our heritage. Live in Alaska if you can afford it and get paid oil royalties. If you live there 6 months out of the year you can get about $1,700 from the state I hear. Without considering the fact that your living expenses would be 3 times higher than here. Debt is tantamount to slavery and our slave labor taxation system needs to be changed . For what we have foolishly financed the banks in trading losses of worthless derivatives we could have given every person in America a million-dollars and that would boost the economy. The New Testament Christians pooled their assets and lived in communities. That's where we got the word are term communes or Communist when Lenin took over Russia in 1917 imposing the German Karl Marx doctrine and killing all the Christians. I have finally figured out who the Antichrist is and it is so clear and obvious if we look around us and see the bonds that bind us. Take not the mark of the beast. Connect the dots. The European Rothschild banking deception took over America by the Bank Act of 1913. America has been in slavery for 100 years to the Russian Zionists communists posing as the favorite people of God when Satan clearly really is their god quoting Christ. Babylon has fallen as we know from the Book of Revelation prophecy and is falling all around us. We want to be Wall Streeters while we are wall martyrs and the same for the children of Bangladesh locked in a factory to produce our affordable garments. I was given this beautiful fleeced lined jacket because I am resistant to man-made fibers but the fleece falls off on everything, it is made in Taiwan. Have you ever purchased a flashlight that would burn from China? Wal-Mart exports a billion dollars per day to China. We are a dependent nation enriching our enemies economically and with superior military power. We are waging war on the world and our own people with the excuse & title of terrorism. The Russians really are coming and they are already here holding a gun to all our heads. Now they are predicting 8 dollar per gallon milk without government subsidy. I saw the government subsidy in action in Florida in recent years where the federal government had purchased and killed all the milk cows to stimulate the price of milk going immediately to $6 per gallon. This shadow government is death on All Things-plants, animals & people. Monsanto, Halliburton, Lockheed, NBC, CBS, CNN, TBN, CBN, IG Farben and co's. They are all one in the same maker of chaos fulfilling the endtime prophecy for the world. Then, believe it or not, ABC Disney World also in the pot plus many more contributors. Capitalism is just not intended to be achieved by us common folks and certainly not for Christians. Portland Oregon finally succumbs to adding poison fluoride to their water. Proverbs 14-12 "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. 13-Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; and the end of that mirth is heaviness. 14-The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself." Georgia's poverty-"When the economy crashed in 2008, millions of Americans lost their jobs. Applications for food stamps soared. So did attendance at emergency food providers-soup kitchens and food pantries-that help the estimated 50 million people, working and non-working, who can't afford enough groceries to get through the month. Unlike in past economic downturns, though, the welfare rolls barely budged. Where 15 years ago 68 percent of poor Americans received cash via Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (as welfare was officially renamed in 1996), today only 27 percent of Americans with incomes low enough to qualify for cash benefits receive them. As the New York Times' Jason DeParle discussed in a front-page article earlier this year, the resulting welfare gap has left at least 4 million families with neither jobs nor cash aid. The size of the welfare gap, however, varies widely from state to state. In states like California and Maine, which have focused on getting their poor citizens into jobs programs, about two-thirds of those eligible still receive welfare. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Georgia, which over the past decade has set itself up as the poster child for the ongoing war on welfare. Even as unemployment has soared to 9 percent and 300,000 Georgia families now live below the poverty line-50 percent higher than in 2000, for a poverty rate that now ranks sixth in the nation-the number receiving cash benefits has all but evaporated: Only a little over 19,000 families receiving TANF remain, all but 3,400 of which were cases involving children only. That's less than 7 percent, making Georgia one of the toughest places in the nation to get welfare assistance. What's Georgia's secret? According to government documents, interviews with poor Georgians, and those who work with them, it's a simple one: Combine an all-Republican state government out to make a name for itself as tough on freeloaders; a state welfare commissioner so zealous about slashing the rolls that workers say she handed out Zero candy bars to emphasize her goal of zero welfare; and federal rules that, regardless of who's in the White House, give states the leeway to use the 1996 law's requirement for "work activities"-the same provision that Republicans have charged President Obama wants to unfairly water down-to slam the door in the face of the state's needest. What this has created is a land that welfare forgot, where a collection of private charities struggle to fill the resulting holes. For the Atlanta Community Food Bank, that means sending out more than 3 million pounds of canned goods, bread, and other groceries each month to churches in and around Atlanta to help feed the state's growing number of poor and near-poor. The food bank's staff also helps arrange for free tax prep services, it helps the cities poor apply for food stamps & Medicaid. One thing they don't discuss, though, is welfare. "We don't talk about TANF anymore," says food bank advocacy and education direct. or Laura Lester. "We don't even send anybody in to apply, because there's just no point."