Daily Journal December 15, 1997, William Thomas Thompson. At the suggestion of a friend in the arts, Robin Costa Booth. This day is special for I have begun a daily journal of my life and my art in trying to say to the world who I am and what my mission in life is. I got up early this morning to a gravy biscuit breakfast after my routine prayer and treadmill for a mile jog.I recommend a daily Bible reading for a blessing and inspiration. No part of this journal is to be copyrighted. Now the race begins to out run the noon hour and to do all the things on my mind, itís like minutes until the call, "what about lunch?" I say, I just had breakfast! I feel that I am cheating if I eat lunch before 1 p.m. or before I get hungry. I feel great and I feel that I must paint a picture or two before lunch and then make the very best of lunch; it may take awhile in planning. What direction should I go in so I can take care of other business so as not to waste a trip and time just for going out for lunch? My purpose is to paint the everlasting Word of God. Today I painted nothing but some primer on the bus I am preparing to paint on in the near future. Yes, I have a bus, a city bus that I plan to paint the Gospel on inside and outside to travel to the schools, churches and art shows with New Millennium art, prophecy revealed, I painted on the faded blue stripe with an enamel spray. My purpose is to write the Word of God. Lunch at noon signals a hot bath and shave and a change to clean clothes and becoming presentable for the day. The afternoon is spent getting an oil leak fixed on my 1986 Lincoln Town car. The Post Office is little left in my daily routine as I expect none. My purpose is to serve God. The natural high of the morning wears off as I encounter the city traffic and today especially as I pass by where the old memorial Auditorium stood until they blew it down Sept. 20th in the name of progress leaving a big hole in the ground. It was in good shape built back about 1960. I also saw the huge new arena over the top of all that dirt built at a cost of $56 million plus. I thought about how corrupt government is from city, county, state & federal. I no longer have any faith in saving government in any form. Let it fall and do not pick it up, I say for it is grossly evil. My purpose is to paint Bible Prophecy being fulfilled. During the morning rage, I replace some light bulbs in the main hall here at the Gassaway mansion because it looked dark to me. I now have a ladder with handle bars but the half day maid got involved and did most of the screwing. I also worked on the light in the #3 showcase, it being lazy like our son-n-law, not wanting to burn. I also fixed a phone line in the main office or was trying when my wife Janette took matters into her own hands to twist the tiny wires together. Now they will maybe stay off my phone. I love to suffer for this old house and invest myself into it. The main floor called the music room has inscribed on its great mantle "A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry and see a fine picture everyday of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has put into the human soul." (1919) I count it a great honor to protect, repair and to restore this great house that was built with such skill labor and brilliant design of this early century.