April 11, 2005 journal, a throne of gold, turmoil in the mideast and Israel returns to Craw fort. Ariel Sharon comes to ask for more cash paper money to fight the Arabs.  This is a stage show because I believe it is predetermined how much money we will give Israel and the working taxpayer citizens of this country should have some say so in this after all since it has become so ridiculous that we break the bank every year in giving to nation of Israel. The solid gold carriages rolled out of Buckingham Palace for the Queen and her loser son. The gold of the Vatican is kept more obscure as the largest national membership on earth and the richest entity in the history of the world.  The Roman Vatican holds basically all of the wealth of the world. There’s talk of bankruptcy of the Vatican due to child molestation charges filed against them, they have paid out millions of dollars reportedly to settle claims resulting from pedophile priest.  Cardinal Law was conducting mass in Rome today when a protest erupted over his protecting pedophile priest in the Boston Archdiocese where he was moved from to Rome.  They reported today the new Pope needs first to restore the churches credibility with its constituency.  The papacy is the most powerful seat on earth and it is the devil.  The Catholic Church is pagan from beginning to end and will not ever change until God takes them out. There is surely a heavy price to pay for worshiping idols. The official report is that 10,000 children were molested in the last 10 years.  I believe the real count would be 25 times that if the truth is known. Latin America is not reporting any child molestation and that surely must be a haven for the perverted priest as a playground. A convenience store clerk was shot to death in the Wal-Mart gasoline center at Gaffney in Cherokee County tonight.  The awful news reports daily 'cold-blooded' killings all-around. Where is the church and where are the righteous people. We have become a police society and mentality with "slow down because my mom works out there on this highway".   Yes, because she must, to support her kids in a chaotic condition with 50 percent divorce rate. She should be home mothering her kids and not be out working on highway construction. The so-called sacred institution of marriage has failed and people are living like animals. My painting of the Bride of Christ arrived today at the Las Vegas Art Museum in Nevada. I shipped it via HDL second day air and I recommend them for all shipments in the future. Means of communication has changed rapidly and will continue to change.  The television as we know it today will most likely disappear as direct communications get lot stronger. Somebody is holding a rabbit hostage for $50,000.  Hostages in Iraq are more common.

It may not make much difference to most people who they appoint the new Pope but it does affect the world.  If the world gets a Pontiff that is born and bred in the New York commercialism, blood, body and soul it will make the difference. The education day USA

bill prescribing the seven Noahide Laws lay in wait to be enforced by our future bosses.

The yellow bellied chicken turkeys now in power will not oppose the future Holocaust.

Should it come to the enforcement of existing laws to take out those people, who worship idols, and they do consider Jesus Christ to be an idol, even more so for 'Yesu' Christ, the Messiah, it will be hell on earth.  God has power to protect us from the hand of the enemy. I want to spend my life helping all suffering humanity but I feel I am to paint Christian art. I measure success differently than I used to.  I measure education differently than I used to and I sure measure money differently than I used to.  Success in terms of money is for the birds.  Education in the world system is for and by the Antichrist. Only that obedience to God will have eternal treasure in terms of everlasting life in wonderful heavenly surroundings. Be faithful unto God and keep his commandments until your job is done on the earth.