April 25, 2005 journal, writing in tongues appears to be a new art form of the psychics.

I acknowledge your e-mail of April 15 where in you suddenly rejected my work for your coming June show of 'writing in tongues'. I request an explanation. I must admit that I was ignorant at this time of the extent of the use potential of unknown tongues as a medium or that it is being used by the psychic industry for channeling to communicate with the dead. I understood ‘Glossalalia’ to be charismatic Catholics that claims Pentecost.  Then when I promised to paint anything you need I had no idea what I was really promising and wish to withdraw that promise just for the record.  I have been told since that 'writing in tongues' is witchcraft although my studies do not really confirm that.  I am not a fortune teller and I have no intention of using my experience in the Holy Spirit of God and the gift of tongues to in any way celebrate an extension of the real for a psychic substitute or for any other alternative purposes.  I know very little about séance’s or what is going on with the term 'writing in tongues'. Of the artists you mentioned that are to be in the show, I have only seen Minnie Evans work.  Please tell me if this psychic assumption is correct or an error. I do write on my work and I paint water similar to what I see in J.B. Murry's on the web. I do have a 'hand writing on the wall' painting "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin, Thou art weighted in the balances and art found wanting". This is a quote from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament chapter 5, which happened in the days of Belteshazzar, King of Israel. I have encountered the channeling profession in recent years as I have psychics and some seem to be very good at their profession but I have not ever heard of 'writing in tongues'. At first I thought it was an extension of speaking in tongues which I am very familiar with. Please help me to understand your pending show as to the nature of the art and about its meaning.  I do not claim to be in harmony with the art or the modern spirit industry today. General Motors reported today a $1.1 billion loss for the 1st quarter plus they're recalling a million and a half SUVs, while they are suffering market share loss cutting the price of some of their vehicles by one-third.  I see bankruptcy for GM and it is surely to accelerate the collapse of the paper money we use.  Health care is the biggest loss GM has on their employees.  America must come to terms with a run a way irresponsible insurance plan. Billy Graham the Grandpapa of the formally Protestant faith is opening a headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina. Billy Graham is the like of a Pope to the Protestant movement. Who are the neo conservatives that run this country?  They are the money people such as the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger and other powerful people such as Fed Alan Greenspan. Congress at large are not the neo conservatives but the bosses of Congress are the Neo’s. This country is deeply enslaved to the neo conservatives and they let a few people practice religion so long as it conforms to the overall agenda of the New World Order with Satan in power and it coincides with the activities of the New Age movement of this old world.

Look to the steeple obelisk and ask the questions of who is in power to slave the nation, with their minimum wage and their control of education. Look to the law and the courts to see the symbols of power in synchronous with all the banks and the money.  The amazing strength of the worthless paper money must have a world system behind it to be strong. The un-audited Fed has many secrets and they own the American debt and slave citizens. Still hanging the phony minimum wage signs.  Who can still work for minimum wage to survive?  Where could you find a person to work for minimum-wage?  America is being used for an alternative agenda for the benefit of the neo conservatives that are obscure. These people are the enemies of God and the people!  So let us be aware of the Devil.