August 14, 2005 journal, the real enemy is a wolf in sheep clothing, the Bilderbergers plot our future. The Internet will be seized, taxed and destroyed by the government monopoly. Freedom is aloft and a myth accelerating in space without ever having become any reality.

People are learning the truth on the Internet and seeing what suckers we have all been.

I believe the twin towers were just a giant plot to give reason to attack the Arab oil fields.

Scarcely trained Arabs could never have flown those planes with precision to hit targets.

Millions are discovering the truth via the Internet websites that are boldly telling the truth.

The bilderberg international meeting in May was attended by both leading Democrats and Republicans which are apart of their carcass equally and are attuned to the wicked agenda.

We are already on the Bilderberger mentality heading into one world government and we are facing Armageddon here and now.  This government is as wicked as any in all history.

I continue quoting Kentroversy on ‘the tellers of truth patriots on the Internet’

which means that nearly 7 out of every 10 people are connected in some way to the Inter-net.  The Internet was instrumental in showing tens of millions of people the truth behind the 9-1-1 attacks. That they were carried out to demolish a building complex that had out-lived its physical usefulness-and it has to be the largest case of insurance fraud of which I have ever been aware in the history of this nation.  So-how exactly will the Internet be-come a sanitized gated-community? There are 4 primary ways in which this can be accom-plished and it is my own personal informed opinion that all 4 technique will be used simul-taneously: 1-Internet will be used as part of a t-e-r-r-o r attack against the U.S..: This has been shown on the most recent season of the television show ‘24,’ where a rogue torroist

had kidnapped the Secretary of State and threatened to broadcast his execution on the Internet, live and in real-time.  Just as the X files spin off the lone gunmen showing a plan to fly a hijacked airliner into the World Trade Center in March 2001, I believe that this 4th season of ’24,’ which had shown both the Internet being used to carry out a torrost attack, and the launch of a nuclear missile against a major U.S. city.  It is my own firm belief that what ‘24’ was truly showing were near term future events-just as the lone gunman episode did in March 2001 6 months before 9x1x1.  Incidentally, the March 4th, 2001 date of the Lone Gunman episode involving an airplane attack on the world trade center was exactly 191 days before 9-1-1 and here is just another example of the 9-1-1 signature and numero-logical  coincidence involved with this tragic event. The Internet involvement in a large scale ter-ro-r attack against a major U.S. city will give the neo-con cabal all the pretext it needs to sanitize the Internet once and for all-which will all be done for our own safety, of course. It will also be hyped-as a way of getting rid of junk e-mail, spam and viruses, as well as finally creating a family friendly environment for all to enjoy the Internet in peace and complete safety.  Anytime children are used, or are seen as the motivation for public action, this sleeping masses go along without questioning the action-simply because it is being done for the children. 2-Passage of h-a-t-e crimes laws and the h-a-t-e speech law (thought crime): it is the important to note that the real reason for h-a-t-e crimes laws are pasted is not to protect anyone's religious beliefs, ethnic heritage, or racial identity.  This does not mean, however, that religious beliefs, ethnicity, and race are not used to inflame such issues.  They are all used which to the typical person who has been trained to accept everything received authority figures say, seen like reasonable actions.  Why wouldn't any reasonable person want to stop racism, for example?  Most people cannot see these laws for what they really are-which is to stifle debate or silence a large group of people subject”