December 2, 2005 journal, paid propaganda for positive reporting in Iraq is exposed by the loss Angeles Times.  One advertising agency acting as a middleman for the U.S. gov-ernment is reported to have a contract for $100 million.  I have said all along I thought the government was paying the news media here to condition the people.  If they do it there, they will do it here.  This is like buying friends or paying countries to fight in the so-called coalition.  This pyramid is crumbling by the day now and it will soon go by the way side.

This may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. It is Rumsfeld Pentagon propaganda.

Just put the monkey on the back of tax payers and let the dollar's role on to Halliburton.

No more calling it a Christmas tree to be politically correct, it must be called holiday tree.

New York for a hundred years has profited on Xmas decorations with our total silence.

While the holiday’s trees are lighted on Times Square and at the master's house, soldiers are dying all over Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have stepped in a mire of blood and cannot get free.  We have traded one Devil for many devils and involved ourselves in the worst bloodbath since WWII. This conflict has no end and it is surely the battle of Armageddon underway as per Revelation Chapter 16 v 16, read all 22 chapters in the New Testament.

Now is reported the price tag of secret influence peddling is up to $300 million, climbing.

Is there any limit to what this administration can get away with? The president ignored the question.  Already a government employee told me that he was ashamed of the mess made

in response to the Katrina hurricane, ashamed of this government and how brain dead it is.

There is no telling how far the payoffs go.  Andy Carr is a blocker of the truth. This latest classified clandestine operation of peddling artificial good news in Iraq is a pattern of how they are peddling good news here and paying the media to write positive stories on the war and keep the secrets.  This is consistent with not showing those flag draped caskets.

This is the day the bank starts collecting again on your New Orleans house mortgage even if you do not have a house left in New Orleans. There was a 90 day suspension of interest.

Allstate is not going to payoff the claim on your house because there is too many and they  would need to sell Sears. Your house payments go right on even if your house is down the river and demolished without a trace.  The Mafia kingpins are likely to collect every debt.

There is a blackout on this breaking news of paid advertisements.  The president ignored the question today according to Public Radio.  News of the 10 Marines killed was delayed until after the economic report was made.  Manipulation of the news is nothing new for this administration. 14 American soldiers killed in all and most of them were from 19 to 23 years old. The American media is not selling the truth.  Of course such information is to be classified because it is bad news for this administration to buy or pay for favorable reports which is to buy and pay for unfavorable reports not to be printed.   I do not feel a part of this country.  I am not a part of the treason being committed by this bloody government.

Most people are so brainwashed by the media that they probably would not even bat an eye at the news of paid propaganda reports in the Iraqi newspapers as artificial influence.

The blackout news is obvious on an important issue affecting this country and its people in the future.  Only on C-SPAN can be found tonight as they rake over the coals the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican Senator Warner from Virginia who has no answers but he has always been defensive of this Republican administration on issues.

For the government to pay journalists to write favorable stories toward America and the war and yet call it classified is a violation of the trust of the people of this falling nation. It is called the Lincoln Group that is paid to assimilate misinformation as paid advertisement.