December 18, 2005, the chief puppet chimp defends his orders of spying on all American citizens.†† He said in his speech tonight that he would "hunt down and kill the enemy", not capture or torture but flat out kill. Who is our enemy and what is victory, what is freedom.

When they speak to the nation on Sunday night it is serious, not for the American people but for the president.Signing an executive order to spy on the American people is illegal.

Lindsay Graham said that things are done different during a war and they have in this war.

There is no need for privacy rights to be violated and many in Congress say he broke the law.Ms. Rice seems to be in trouble also.Many say the president is trying to be a king.

We have traded a dictator in Iraq for chaos and we have a dictator in and we have chaos.

The New York Times printed the story of the executive order that ordered wiretaps to be made on American citizens and they held it back for one year at the request of the Whitt Houss.The president is commander in chief of the armed forces but not of the American people. He has no right to order such violation of citizens' rights he has done so blatantly.

The tide has turned against him in Congress and this may take him out.He sat there and read from the teleprompter stuff everyone had heard many times before like a television commercial.This man is in deep water and there is no silver lining for him to escape.I see the collapse of the entire administration and war crimes trials for all that is involved.

The president addressed the people with a merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah day.

This secret mission code language is to signal his bosses that he is going their way totally.

Impeachment of this entire disgusting administration is the only thing that stops this war.

Insane spending by this government is taking us overboard and the dollar will collapse.

We have gone too far and nothing can save us now as this rage continues to devastate.

This power-hungry government creating beast of fear encircles the globe spending money.

Now they create their own poll figures to show their dummy approval rating increasing.

This dynasty of power is a part of the Antichrist and we're about to see the great collapse.

Wearing a phony breastplate of righteousness the tyrant continues on paving his way as he goes holding on to the devil's tail.This country is falling apart and it is more obvious each day.The pyramid of elite power gets stronger and nothing they tell you is ever the truth.When he says "I am protecting the American people" he means just the opposite from that.

One by one they are falling from corruption and this nation is being judged loud and clear.

We must learn to live independent of the government or the power company without any phones for them to tap. Of course the order was illegal to wiretap all e-mail's and phones.

Any one buying these cocking bull stories has something to gain from federal government.

Keep chasing that pie in the sky until we see the collapse of this poor paper made society.

This is the fourth day without electric power and most people have lost their food supply.

This is our Katrina.†† It seems strange that one half inch of ice could devastate this area.

The power company no longer has a warehouse full of transformers waiting to replace, they must order them from the factory and let the customers wait.I can just hear now the propaganda messages for a rate increase because of this ice storm and the expense thereof.

Quoting Fox News-the following companies forbid Merry Christmas to be displayed in the stores. BJís, Costco, K-mark, Sears, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart.That report did not mention the WhitHouss also uses Happy Holidays on their Christmas greetings. The stores still using Merry Christmas are J.C. Penney, Federated.I am sure there are others.Being politically correct is all that is important to the greedy business corporate world.The polls control our thinking/politics in this country in modern times. God is judging this country.