December 30, 2005 journal, a strange friendly relationship between world hostile factions.

Stop time and let me off cause I fear the future for myself and others especially those brain washed which account for about 90% of America through television and radio rush media.

A personal commentary, if you buy the official nine1one story which does not make sense, with the ends not meeting, then you may be living in fear of attack by your Arab neighbor.

There has been no attack upon America since, not because of our extreme secret security, but because the Moslem agenda has not yet matured even though the personnel is in place.

Even 60 minutes of liberal Columbia Broadcasting gave every clue that Israel is involved.

The beneficiaries of the attack upon the towers are the warlords that occupy the Potomac

and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq for their natural resources including poppy production.  Iraq today is not safe "to walk one block".  I discovered a strange relationship in the '70’s,

as I saw J-e-ws friendly with the Arabs except for the hot spots in Israel.  In recent years I have observed a wonderful relationship the Northern Irish Southern Irish or Christian and Catholic, which is never reported in the news media, who always gives a dreadful picture for some reason.  So, do you get a feeling things are artificially imposed psychologically.

So we see through the media to worlds beyond and there is absolutely no reason to fear if our hearts are right with God.  Tyrant governments will rise and fall and we are not to be involved.  Public Radio today is giving a passionate plea from some congressional source that federal judges should have a big raise, but for what reason? More paper money to be distributed and diluted until it is all trash. This is our priority while common people perish.

George the first gave them double 12 years ago and he then was buying his son's future. Do not worry, just put it on the backs of the poor $7 an hour taxpayers of this country.

Such arrogance is history like New Gingrich, so is the current presidential goofy gopher.

It is time to account for what we have done.   John Conyers leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee is seeking impeachment of Bxsh and Che-ney as of Dec.30.

"A thousand reasons to impeach B-us-h."  From <> The dwindling circle of right wing defenders of the B-ssh/ Cheney presidency would have Americans to believe that only the most partisans would even consider the prospect of censuring or per-haps even impeachment of the president and vice-president.  But the prospect of officially sanctioning them as is now proposed by U.S. Rep. John Conyers”.  This is reported by the Capital Times December 30, 2005. From New York’s Village Voice-  The 9..1..1 attacks provided the rationale for what amounts to a Bssh family coup on the Constitution.  From the outset Bssh used the attack to reorganize and increase the federal governments reach, far beyond any existing law also to delve into the lives of the innocent ordinary people."  From the Miami Herald "One wonders if O-Samma didn't win after all, or in the America that existed on 9one1 but he had help.  If back in 2001, someone had told me that after 4 years our president would admit that he broke the U.S. law against domestic spying and ignored the U.S. Constitution, then expects the American people to congratulate him on it, I would have assumed the girders of this republic was in shambles."  From the New York Times "It was a year of apocalyptic events, earthquakes floods and hurricanes humbled us. Holy wars rage at home and abroad and deep throat was unmasked, Bob Woodworth the hero of Watergate re-emerged in a strange new guise covering up the WhitsHouss secrets. Asian flu lurked, Brad dumped Jen, the girl next door and took up with the infamous Ang-elina.   In the midst of such catastrophes, one may miss news of more subtle significance”.

The rat is caught in his own trap and is screaming bloody murder.  Hear what rat is saying,