February 4, 2005 journal, a presidential kiss is questioned; we are being conditioned for war with Iran.  The news media is trying to figure out why the president suddenly turned and placed what appears to be a kiss on the cheek of Al Gore's running mate, Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman.  Jay Leno picked up on it right away.  Could it be the kiss of Judas?  Why suddenly Social Security when it has been there all the time as broke as a convict?  Why would he suddenly single out one man in the Congress to kiss, unless it is because he is perhaps a neo-conservative and maybe he is sending a message to Israel.

Condilisa Rice is already conditioning us for a war against the Moslem country of Iran.

The murdering mentality of We the People is beyond all comprehension.  When I see the bumper stickers saying "support our troops", it is the brainwashed verses the enlightened.

I know Christ was from the tribe of Judah but was never called 'Jesus' until the 1700's.

Today the man-made J has done magical things with biblical history.  His name is Yesu!

Man has twisted the gospel, the Word of God, being largely atheists and enemies of God.

If you pull the trigger to kill people in war or peace you are supporting those that do such acts, then you're guilty of the same crimes against man and God.  We are grossly deceived. We are the real Jews if there are Jews, but this is only a name developed after the fact. We are of the House of Israel just as much as any bloodline of Israel as any people, more so than what is called neo conservatives Israel war nationals.  More than clues are given all along the way and so overwhelming in the movie ‘Jack the Ripper’ and starring Johnny Depht where the prostitutes of London are being slaughtered because they had a secret on the Crown.  A Mason Doctor was blaming it on the Jews and writing it in blood "Yew". They knew who it was because they knew who knew the original way to spell Jew. 60 Minutes II implied that the CIA was in the international kidnapping business while suggesting they are responsible for kidnapping a German citizen and flying him off to Afghanistan for interrogation and imprisonment before finally releasing him as innocent. We can expect a major catastrophe from these creative people to condition our people to support the war against Iran.  We are being led to the slaughter by these war bum drums. The nine one 1 incident got us into these wars but it will take a greater one to move us along to a full-blown Armageddon in fulfillment of the scripture prophecies of the Bible. Things are happening fast now and we are losing ground on world scene with European papers printing a hostile picture of our aggression and the staff of warriors as employed. Recommended reading "Behold a pale horse" by William Cooper taken from Revelation. There is a saying that you cannot be both ignorance and free, we are ignorance, not free. I pray that people will awaken to the truth to the situation we are in before it is too late. I recommend <ecclesia.org/forum/uploads/bondservant/the%20crown%20temple.doc>

Few people get the big picture of how near the edge we are and how the devil is running this show.  Most all the people now have their nose in the TV tube of war propaganda.

We are being controlled by Mystery. Babylon, the mystery Kabala religion evolved into freemasonry and British Zionism...Mystery Babylon evolved into the Temple Bar in the City of London.  The Pope of Rome plays ball with this bunch.  Mystery Kabala of British Zionism is the faction one gang.  This administration has a floating agenda excuse for war. This country has been defrauded but the real secrets are leaking and we are near the end. There are rumblings and smoke signals rising with people demanding war crimes trials for this bunch of thugs. Powell is quoted as saying the Geneva Convention is ancient history. They do it now like they want to do it here and over there to kidnap and imprison and kill.