February 13, 2005 journal, Meet the Press has on Pat Buchanan and a Russian democracy writer for which the president has said speaks his mind.  A Jewish Russian is author of a book on democracy advocates it for the whole world when actually in reality, out of 22 Arab nations, there are no democracies.  The Shiites have won the mock election in Iraq. Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, an Israeli Cabinet member today appeared on Meet the Press to debate Pat Buchanan who stated that our presence there causes the conflict and terrorism.  Transcript available online at NBC Meet the Press.  The book is “The case for Democracy" is said to have caused quite a stir in Washington. Finally a neo- conservative foreign speaks out self serve who and the president as the preferred is fond of his being influenced by an Israeli national xprisoner from Russia.  The president of United States said this: "If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy, read Natan Sharansky's book “The Case for Democracy" “its a great book" I think it will ...explain a lot of the decisions that...you've seen made and will continue to see made". The president said it was part of his "presidential DNA.  Its what I think; its"--"part of all policy.  It is part of my philosophy”.  And, in fact, we saw that in the state of the Union address, the inaugural address, let’s watch what the president said "We do not accept the existence of permanent tyranny because we do not accept the possibility of permanent slavery”.  Mr. Russert: Pat Buchanan, you have analyzed this book in the latest issue of the American Conservative. You write "Only democracy can pave the way to truth peace and security.  This is the message for Sharansky's ‘Case for democracy,’ which the president has embraced and encouraged all to read. “What is often true is not always true, and US foreign policy, which is to protect US vital interest and the peace and freedom of Americans, it cannot be rooted in the idealism of an ex-Soviet dissident”.  Sharansky notwithstanding, Democracy is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for America's peace and security, nor even of Israel's. Explain-Mr. Pat Buchanan: well, let's take Israel’s situation. Mr Begin signed an agreement to give back the Sinai to Egypt with Sadat, who is the successor of a military dictator, Nasser.  He was not a Democrat.  The Israeli government signed an agreement with half Hafez al Assad, a dictator of the worst kind for a truce on the Golan Heights, which has held. What I am saying is this, Tim-You don’t need a democratic government in order to achieve a success.  In Mr. Bush's first term, he has cut a deal with Khaddafi, state sponsor of terror of whereby Khaddafi would give up his weapons of mass destruction in return for the United States letting him out of the penalty box of sanctions, he remains a state sponsor of terror. … "The president now plans to hector and badger foreign leaders on the progress each is making toward attaining U.S. standards of democracy. …This is a formula for bring it on! for involved collisions with every autocratic regime on earth, including virtually every African and Arab ruler, all the “outposts of tyranny” named by Secretary of State rice, most of the nation of Central Asia, China and Russia.  This is a prescription for endless war".  Do you agree?  ... "In my judgment what happened on 9-1-1 was a result of interventionism.  Interventionism is the cause of terror.  It is not a cure for terror.  The idea that the president of the United States as he said in his inaugural, going to help democratic institutions in every region in every nation on earth is a formula for permanent war by us, the president of the United States has no constitutional authority to do this thing.  Where in the constitution do we get the right to intervene in the internal affairs of countries that do not threaten us?  If they don’t, their internal affairs are their own business”.  AdamsAmerica does not go abroad monsters”.