February 15, 2005 journal, high-profile murder case on prescription Zoloft pharmacy is blamed for causing a teenager to kill his grandparents while he is under the influence of the Pfizer pharmacy Zoloft prescribed as an anti-depressant.  The child was 12 years old and it happen just 50 miles from here in Cherokee County, we are a mentally sick nation.  Zoloth is in the "black box" group of labeling by the FDA as for potentially dangerous pharmacy. This child is being tried as an adult and it has got national attention with Zoloft in question. I have found favor in Swedish Bidders as a digestive enzyme for nutrition consumption. I have found a yellow root herb that seems to be useful in making tea.  I am testing on it. Arrayed the large parade of orange "gates" in New York Central Park by Christo and his orange haired wife are said to cost $23 million for 23 miles of solid color fabric materials. Fight fully six weeks it will be scrapped.  I do not consider it art if there is only one color. The president has ask the Congress not the people for another $81 billion to fight the-wars while suggesting more or less that Social Security reciprocates will be cut by 25 percent.  Social Security seems to be a minor issue since no one can live in today's inflated economy on a Social Security pension.  Talk about below the poverty level. This nation is bankrupt and double having been so for about 75 years officially and secretly.  To everything there is a beginning and an end. This spiral will continue only until the dollar goes bust and it may just be this 81 billion that puts us under. The perfect position of a fixed Fed where we can barrow all we wish or need, it will only collapse when world confidence in the dollar stops the market of exchange.  We are a divided dependent nation very vulnerable to a financial disaster with an empty supply line void of basic commodities and survival food. We're no more than 3 days from a colossal and impossible dilemma when money fails. A dirty report on NBC revealing how sick germs are on so many things we touch daily.  The worst of course reported, all public bathrooms, taxicabs, ATM machines, escalators and telephones, to mention a few.  Money also carries disease bacteria and groceries. They recommend not touch a public bathroom door knob to use a paper towel which I do. Sanitary conditions in our harvest fields is very poor in every type of food we consume. A reported mass exodus from California from all the chaos of overcrowding and mixing in the schools denigrating education and risking lives of adults and children.  Hospitals are like slaughterhouses and immigrants feeding on crime.  People are migrating to higher ground and land is hard to find.  Las Vegas is suffering from growth explosion and is so expensive.  The inflation of real-estate is nationwide and the county assessor's are going wild collecting all property taxes that threaten the future security of all our children.  Bill Maher last night on Larry King expressed in response to the inaugural declaration that we always put freedom and independence first for all Americans that truly we plotted to kill the Indians, this president has made the joke makers a lot of money looking so ridiculous. I have finished another mystery Babylon this may be my best one painted on lining canvas. The size is 24 by 36 inches on heavy stretcher bars, this symbolic setting found in the book of Revelation with a woman riding a starlet colored beast rising up out of the pit hell has been my best subject. This scene actually represents the prostituted modern church today. This is actually the same church in terms of mentality as the ones that demanded Christ be crucified.  She is decked out in gold and precious stones with plenty of purple veil; she is drunk on the blood of the saints. I always fill her cup with blood which is appropriate, I believe due to many considerations and especially because of all "legalized" abortions. I really should say federally legalized abortions, it is against every state law to murder.