January 1, 2005 journal, there is a Biblical difference between male and female, to whom do we belong?  This may be the year of destruction beginning with the tidal wave in Asia. Right wing visible theologians are praising the people for reelecting what they consider as being conservative. When he signs the h-a-te crimes bill this year that outlaws all the Bible and Christians, they may eat crow.  There is about to be a landslide in this the real Zionist nation.  Israel does not belong to America, America belongs to Israel and the false Israel dictates policy to us while bleeding the American taxpayers to death economically and in control of Congress and the war machine.  When heads began to roll literally it will be too late to correct Christian understanding of the false Israel.  The new legislation will benefit both g-a-y-s and neo-conservatives known as the Zionist or Edomites posing as J-e-w-s.

We only see the fringe now under the names of Rockefeller, Rothschild, Greenspan and Kissinger to name a few.  These are serious times and this is serious legislation which like other bills in Congress will not be read by the representatives before they approve it as a political must in this chaotic society perverted and compromised against the true and living God Almighty. This may be the true tribulation prophesied in Matthew 24 and Revelation. In a few months from now we can be in a situation in this country equal to an even worse than the death camps in Hitler's Germany. This reelected rubber-stamp for the neo-conservatives is committed automatically to the persecution of real Christians and defeat of God.  They will never defeat God but they will make a mess of the true Christian people but not necessarily including the Catholic Church.  Education Day USA will surface and will then be enforced putting us under the phony laws of Noah which precede the Laws of Moses, known as the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 of the Old Testament.   Be ye ready my friend to suffer for the cause of Christ and the true Christian witness which is our duty to God. The enforcement of the 1991 Education Day USA law will outlaw worship of Christ as an idol.  The false Israel which includes the neo-conservatives h-a-t-e Christianity with a passion.  The United States, the superpower prints billions of paper dollars every year to support Edomite Israel and goes to war at their command in Afghanistan and in oily Iraq. The hard-headed Protestant Christian preachers have set their false doctrine in stone and it favors Israel in their aggression through the Eagle to enslave the world to a central bank.

Their bank is none other than the Federal Reserve which consumes all the U.S. revenues. Everyday we print new debt money and pay interest on every dollar.  Surface these slave masters and stop this insane race to kill for money.  The church is not enlightened by God as it should be; it is enlightened and driven by Satan as in the New World Order dominant. Through misinterpretation or alteration of the Bible, the Christian Church largely interpret the scripture to say the Jews are God's favorite people, the rest of us are gentiles and that we must in a sense worship the J-e-ws as God's chosen people when they are not even the real Jews.  Modern Israel is largely ruled by the descendants of Esau which “God hated from the beginning”; ref. John 8-44, Christ said "Ye are of your father the devil". We are afraid to say it as though it were a bad word.  The J is a relatively new letter to the English language or to any language in the world prior to 1600ad.  It's a New World now. 

The neo or new conservatives under that disguise are very happy with the Christian church misinterpretation of the Christian world and give them a free pass to Israel for tourism and for more money. This is the blind leading the blind by the double blind. The re-gathering of Israel is not for any coming Messiah, it is for the destruction of all of the unbelievers.  The dragon Beast of Revelation covers the entire world to persecute the true church people.