January 12, 2005 journal, South Beach diet makes more sense, the oscillating earth talk.

Today on 700 Club, creator of the South Beach diet demonstrated a buffet of food and I found it very interesting.  The author revealed the source of what causes people to be fat saying that we are the fattest people in history, he opposes the Atkins-diet and although it sounds similar, is a world apart.  We stuff on prefabricated foods which makes us hungry and often are loaded with additives with all the stuff to be addicted to eat more junk food.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grain muffins even though I thought he forbid all types bread. He recommended a slow weight-loss for a permanent natural size and weight. He said and I agree that 40 percent of American people over the age of 40 are pre-diabetic from foods. Tommy Thompson and the government announced a new formula for diet including whole grains but failed to mention real salt while condemning salt.  No mention of sugar in cereal and almost every processed food. The lousy government is almost totally ignorant of what is really safe to eat.  Look at us so fat and unhealthy.  The report did recommend exercise but most of the language is meaningless to the average gullible American.  Dark chocolate was also on the table.  None of these diets seem to forbid sugar.  The first enemy is sugar. A small town in Louisiana staged an open coming home party for six flag draped coffins, against Pentagon rules of barring the press from being present to show the spoils of war. They voted for war and they have war.  Awaken us Dear Lord I pray in these awful days. The Moslem Indonesian Government wants us out by March 1.   CNN commentators say "no good deed goes unpunished".  When we are at war with one, we are at war with all. The Indonesian government does not feel comfortable with our moving in all that military hardware.  Prince Harry dressed up in a Nazi uniform and posed for pictures wearing a Swazi sticker at a costume party, this caused a media frenzy in Great Britain international. The West and Europe storms are devastating.  Sweden exceeds America in the afterbirth elimination of deformed babies.  Is there a message in the storms that are so devastating? As a head rolls in Iraq a voice in plain English spoke to America threatening more of this. We have launched a missile today that will penetrate a comet by July 4th and transmit data back to earth about its mission findings.  Is the earth still trembling or vibrating on its axis? Britain has announced a warning against cell phone use that it may damage the users brain.

May we get lucky and the new government of Iraq will order us out of their country soon.

Isaiah 24- 23 "Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the Lord of Host shall reign in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously".

I am overwhelmed with the water paintings I have been doing since well before the tidal wave struck in South Asia.  After that I began putting people in some of them.  Some of them appear like water attacking the human beings.  I now have about 25 pieces painted.

With all the problems I have had with hotmail, now they delay my emails almost everyone. Another report on the Philadelphia ministers arrested while protesting against homosexual lifestyle at a gay rally. “They are charged with 8 crimes, including 3 felonies: possession of instruments of crime (a bullhorn), ethnic intimidation (saying that homo-sexuality is a sin), and inciting a riot (reading from the Bible relating to homosexuality) despite the fact that no riot occurred.  They face a possible 47 years in prison, now we have learned more about this horrible travesty of justice.  According to WorldNetdaily, “homo-sexual attorneys from the US Justice Dept. civil rights division attended the event, they advised police on the scene who arrested 11 protestors, says a source in the agency”... “The Justice Dept. is not likely to take up the cause of the 5 who believe officials violated their civil rights".