January 20, 2005 journal, adding insult to injury, war reinauguration, overlord government titles to land and vehicles. The puppet dictator made no mention of the war, not surprising to say the least. I checked in my dictionary for allodial titles and found no mention of it until I went to the huge Old English Dictionary and there it was the genuine real title for land. If you do not have an allodial title to your land, then you do not own it, your government does. The alloliad and all of its uses are removed from the modern dictionaries because we do not have real titles to real estate anymore. In jolly old bloody England, the king held the title to all lands and the peasants paid rent to him. There is no real difference in today. It is amazing how quick God topples the ungodly people of this old evil world. Washington is locked down for the coronation of the king and guarded by 10,000 police. The look alike Christians have their look alike president with a look-alike war on horizon. Wall Street is a big player in today's events and the slaves do not know they're in bondage. An e-mail urges people not to spend one dime today, send Wall Street a financial message. We do not like what is going on in the world especially in Iraq and in Afghanistan. War for profit has become the focus of our economy caring not how many people are killed. From: "Mary in SF, "Allodial Title vs. Color of Title. So you think you are the king in your own castle and own it, but a king does not pay property taxes. The reason you do this is that you really do not own your own property, even if you have the deed and it's paid in full. Until you obtain the "Land Patent" and bring the "Allodial Title" forward in your name, you are merely making payments on "public property" as opposed to "private property". Without the Allodial Title, it is the government, and not you, who hold the actual patent or "Title" to your property, even if the "Deed" is in your own name. Our Founding Fathers realized the EXTREME importance of property ownership and structured laws so that a citizen's land could never be subject to seizure or any other abuse. Although it is their Constitutional Right, 99% of Americans DO NOT have the highest form of Title on their homes and properties, which is a Land Patent and Allodial Title. Instead they have "Deeds" which are not absolute Titles, but merely "Color of Titles". Color of Title is defined as that which in appearance is title, but in reality is NO title. An Allodial Title is free, not beholden of any superior, owned without obligation, without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof". Note: (All land in this country/world in fact has always been principally owned by the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican) now that you have picked yourself off the floor....AND the 13 ruling families, see Fritz doc attached. All governments have followed the same fraud against the people. See the book- The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve. There is a manual that costs $75.00 that will show you how to obtain an Allodial Title, eliminate property taxes, make your property non-seizable, eliminate government permits and interference, pass on Absolute and Perfect Title to heirs, etc. This referral source book for information is incredible for all kinds of topics etc. There is also a comp-any in Ashland Oregon that is famous in the sovereignty movement that has a complete study course of manuals for $1,0000.00 that covers everything you need to know regarding citizenship etc. with in-depth law citations complete exposure of the fraud that has been perpetrated on Americans just about from the beginning of this country (1787). Will find their website and send it to you. In addition, the Redemption pdf document I sent to you a long time ago is another great source of information on how to eliminate all taxes including property taxes. Seminars are happening weekly in Texas with this group,