January 26, 2005 journal, revolution is eminent; we have been too busy watching Iraq.

A larger danger has been brewing at home, the Arabs are lining up with the black cause.

We all heard of the Nation of Islam from Louis Farrakhan for years. The chimp calls the resistance in Iraq ‘insurgence’ when in fact it is plain old fighting to save their homeland. It is in fact their homeland security which we have disguised as fighters from a far. This chimp calls Islam a good religion while they murder millions worldwide. Just look at the attack on the school in Russia and at all the children that died.  The two aircraft downed.

Look at the Moslem abuse of wives and daughters; look at the false promise of 70 virgins given to suicide bombers in the next life. A saying "while the boss is away the mice play".

Our focus on money and Iraq is costly even more considering the Communist moves in on events like Jesse Jackson being welcomed as a part of the overall dissent voiced in print. Some of what they say is correct but used for the detriment of this country.  Some say that they are only waiting for a crisis to burn America and take over the government.  Since we are over there, why would they not take the advantage of it and hit us here.  We are out of order involved in a war that is not Christian in a country that has the support of 1 billion of the most fierce fighters on earth, promising them phony freedom in this election process. We have failed to recognize our most severe problem of all brewing in local background. I continue to quote from the propaganda sheet the Communist passed out here in town. "This proven liar has rammed through a "new doctrine" that lets him wage war whenever and wherever he says he "sees a threat" and there’s no telling where he'll stop.  The U.S. has long committed monstrous crimes around the world and now they plan to go further.  The imperialists in power - all of them, with Bush at the core-want total global empire. Bush himself believes in Armageddon, that Islam is "evil", and that he is "fighting for God". How many people, half way around the world or right down the block, will lose our lives to this lunacy? Lunacy backed up by serving imperialism."  See crisispictures.com. The super patriots fly the flag declaring in all sincerity that we are a Christian nation while really we have never been a true Christian nation and we the Anglo-Saxon people claim this country as our own having taken it away from the Indians by force after the Catholic Church had raped it for hundreds of years.  I have come to know this country all too well in recent years and I am no longer blind to the real history and the present political games. There are many loyal Americans in the Midwest farmlands that seem to represent us in the most beloved way and fight in wars when they are called up but there is New York City and Miami that does not seem to be a part of this country as there is Hollywood that does not seem to participate in making our country great.  There is Las Vegas that seems to be neverland and there’s a new world of Mexicans here doing all the hard dirty work claiming to be taking over control. There are a large percentage of Arabs and Indians ruling a certain part of our economy and some suggest the Indians here are also Moslem.  Our currency was given away by Congress in 1913 to the foreign Federal Reserve.  Our law and our banking are controlled out of neutral London secretly.  The Jewish people controlling most of the money speak for itself and the Pope controls most all the religion of the world. Where is the sacred homeland we adore, love and shed our sweat and blood for daily? The African-American people are about 20 % of our population living in the South and   in the central cities of the North, having more political influence than any minority race. We are no longer an independent nation but a nation enslaved by crooked politicians and an aggressive monetary system that taxes us to death and meddling in international affairs.