July 1, 2005 journal, are we fighting for their independence or our independence in Iraq. You would not know by hearing the pimp speak because he is saying both independence.

Rarely do politicians level with the people but this one is slick reciting a speech that surely the VP wrote. The reason for war has suddenly changed since the originals were a fraud. Hussain held the balance of power and now Iraq will most likely be “taken over by Iran”. Much talk about rebuilding Iraq that we destroyed, even their water purification plant in 1991 causing maybe a million to die with disease since then from contaminated water.  A reported 80 attacks per day and getting stronger.  The so called "insurgents" just seem to drop down on top of us.  We attacked ourselves on nine 1 one and most people with any reasonable intelligence that think about it will know that this is a Hollywood production.

The call is to level with the American people.  Everything he reported on is heavily biased.

One must know the big picture before coming out of the media propaganda and darkness.

Look at the world to compare it to Revelation prophecy. I continue quoting from June 30

"which is security, functioning utilities and jobs. What we have done with our invasion and error-riddled occupation is create the perfect conditions for a new dictator.   In the mean- time, the American people should be concerned that their federal government is worrying more about the Iraqis than it does the Americans.   We could find far better uses for both the money and lives than to squander them on the hard, bloody soil of the Middle East." Find this article at:http://www.antiwar.com/reese/?articleid=6434> Satan is in leadership. How long will the heathen rage and carry out the works of evil in the name of their god? Act 4-25 "Who by the mouth of thy servant David has said, why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?  26-The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ".  The Bible is our history book.

The truth is we are not in war for the independence of Iraq or to preserve independence for the U.S., we are in there for personal enrichment.  Until we understand the total circle we cannot see the light and reveal the lies we are being fed.  A new charge and excuse to fight is that Iraq has become an international hotbed of our multiplying enemies but it was not that before we destroyed it.  Last night while the little puppet spoke at the Red Beret headquarters, one of our helicopters was shot down in eastern Afghanistan killing all (17) Americans on board.  I believe it is all just a game being played with bem loton as its chief star. How can the chief thief really be at war with his greatest family friend/friendly family. We are being sold a bill of goods and its leading us right to Armageddon as per prophecy.

The underground secret society rules the so called "free world" leading to a New World Order. The secrets of who we are and who is really in charge are being gradually revealed.

The threat against the world was reiterated even though we're proven to be stretched out too thin to carry on the war.  Maybe Congress will have the good sense to cut off funding.

Christian Art Museum in northeast Dallas burned with their 120 ft. by 20 feet tall painting of Pentecost, it is unfortunate to lose such a precious Christian painting and I have seen it.

The book is closed for this calendar of history and the clever plan to attack America for Israel and America.  History is artificially made and rewritten for all the past. You cannot believe anything you hear about the economy or the war. People are zombies from all the television propaganda and hopelessly deceived about government and religion.  We face desperate times now as the final judgments come down from God to correct a wayward world.  I will concentrate more on the actual scripture and visual illustration of prophecy. Even Hollywood with wars of the world is revealing endtime prophecy in some capacity.