July 21, 2005 journal, the London second go around as they debate the Patriot act in D.C. Washington.  What perfect timing for another major scare to go after them t-e-r-r-o-r-ists.

They needed to reenergize the war on the innocent and spend more on security to protect. Protection is big business and is profitable for cities and states and the federal government.

The report on vaccinations causing autism has all but disappeared from the news with the Supreme Court Justice nominee propaganda and the second attack in London dominating the news.  Jon Stuart did interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his findings of the dangers of vaccinations which has been covered up by the powerful news media and pharmaceutical industry. I can see that we will grow in chaos and Washington lobbying/lying will worsen.

The United States is a proxy for the tiny nation of Israel and our people are in Iraq being slaughtered on their behalf and at their command because they control us.  I am not at all surprised that the nominee is Catholic.  I am really disappointed that a snake in the grass

like Bill Frist would hide in the so-called Patriot act a provision protecting pharmaceutical industry from lawsuits from all those children damaged by vaccinations even if he did ac-cept $800,000 or more from the vaccination industry for his campaign.  People like this deserve hellfire & brimstone from the judgments of God forever and ever. The newspaper only suggest more vaccinations. This all work within the structure of the secret fraternities to pad the pockets of their brothers in the Lodge to flavor the secret commitment to Satan

and keep honest hard-working workers in the dark as slaves to their demonic secret order.

From the Power Prophecy "Blood, Empire, and the Coming Purification of Planet Earth.  Hidden prophecies in the Book of Esther.  Could the chilling account of the catastrophic bloodshed and treachery soon to befall America be concealed in the pages of a misunder-stood and little suspected book of the Holy Bible?  Could the riddle of modern-day Israel and the quest for global empire by its proxy, the United States, be solved simply by our heeding the prophetic warnings given in that Old Testament text?  The answer to both questions is, Yes!  In the little book of Esther, I am convinced, are incredible prophetic keys of astonishing importance. For some inexplicable reason, God has hid and imbedded these stunning prophetic truths in Esther.  But beware: he who does not have eyes to see and ears to hear will be confused and will not understand; but the wise shall understand, Ask the average undiscerning Pastor or Christian what is the true meaning of Esther and he/she will surely say Esther is simply a tale of how J-e-w-s faithful to God were saved from their enemies by the heroine Esther and her brave cousin, Mordecai. This is the Zion- ist and Judaizer version and interpretation.  In fact, God is neither named nor mentioned in the entire text of the book of Esther! This is not a book about God but about the criminal acts of the Jewish people in rebellion against God.  God has shown me the little known…

Prophecies in the book of Esther.  Understand Esther and you will have a guide as to what is to happen to America and Israel". “Marshall Law, reality, America’s New Police State”.  “Evil has spread across the land out of the ashes of the nine 1 one tragedy.  A dark empire of war and t-y-ranny has risen.  The constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State.  Martial law reveals the master plan of the group hell bent on the capturing of America today-and tomorrow, the world.  “Plumb the depths of the elite’s minds and un- cover the power-mad "Cult of death" that is sworn to turn the earth into a prison planet…

A new Alex Jones documentary.”  The Hebrew holiday Purim comes out of the story of Esther in the Book of Esther and the Jews were delivered from the evil tyrant Haman and the hanging gallows. The Arabs accuse the Jews of drinking gentile blood on that holiday.