June 6, 2005 journal, national ID to board the nationalized airlines screened by a federal force of security officers. The federal government is subsidizing the airlines heavily since 9 one1.  We are in continuous government crisis. Ralph Nader is calling for impeachment of the chief thief.  Most all of Europe knows by now that 9one1 was a hoax in that it was not pulled off by the Arabs.  Americans should have gotten a clue from Roger's documentary showing b--h sitting for seven minutes unsurprised about the hit.  Bloodshed in Iraq and in Afghanistan is predictable.  The wars have failed and everyday we get deeper in the mire of blood.  Europe is forming a truth committee to tell the world the truth about these wars and 9one1.  I believe it was instigated by Israel and the United States pretending it was the Arabs. This nation is on sinking sand and I predict we will fall apart like Russia did soon. The president nominated or appointed a new head of Securities & Exchange Commission. This means that the government is in charge of Wall Street and Govens the Stock Market. We can name the tyrants of history but none are any worse than sending innocent soldiers into battle to be slaughtered in Iraq in this insane war that is accomplishing nothing at all. So Deep Throat Mark Felt is Irish, how did he get so high up in office, is he Scottish Rite? The Bilderbergers have a secret mission to bring in the new world order of power/control. "In the past they have usually gotten what they wanted.  Those of us fighting phony free trade agreements such as Cafta and FTAA may win temporary victories if we succeed in delaying Congressional votes on them.  But such things will assuredly return, most likely, buried inside larger bills dealing with ostensibly different subjects, as was the national ID card Congress gave us on May 10 without any congressional discussion or a significant protest beyond the bloggosphere. As skilled manipulators of the world financial network, if they do not get CAFTA this year, the power elites could bring on a steep recession in America and then blame the anti-CAFTA crowd.  I would not put it past them.  Suppose the power-elites acquired the control they want. What then?  What would they do about the inconvenient fact that the real world does impose limitations on their power, such as the need for a steady and even creasing supply of oil to maintain the kind of economic system they want? My guess: if they are able to establish world government, the eventual result will be a worldwide depression as corporatist socialism exacts its consequences.  Assuming their 20 years of oil supplies are accurate, the years following 2025 might not be a good time to be starting a career in our "global neighborhood". <online-journal.com> The builder burgers or the same people as the Babylonians that build the tower of Babel, until God changed their language but now the English is restoring their communications. The English language is a universal language, all nations are attaching to it in these days. The movement to build the tower of Babel never ceased and now is coming on stronger. The builders of Babel are gaining control over us rapidly and the towers all mean the same as in the days of Babylon when they decided to build a tower up to God.  The Lord God came down and confused their language.  In Genesis 10 and 11 we find the account of the Tower of Babel which was never completed but they are still trying to overcome God our creator and to destroy Christianity forever.  Genesis 11-4 "And they said, go to, and let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us made us a name, less we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth".  Genesis 11-7 “Let us go down, and there confound their language, that they not understand one another's speech.  So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon all the face of the earth: and they left off building the city. 9-Therefore the name is called Babel; because the Lord did confound”