June 7, 2005 journal, continuing to build Babel that great city as we return to our one only universal language.  A common language is identified as the English language which is the language of the 10 lost tribes of Israel that settled the British Isles and confirms migration of the 10 lost tribes of Israel after they escaped Assyrian bondage to the north and west. The obelisk erections are witnesses of the Tower of Babel coming forth like the image of the Washington Monument and the Empire State building, the Masonic Illuminati symbol of all the earth is their name and their sign and their image of worship the Satan the Devil. No man can be Christian after taking these secret oaths to the idolatry gods of the Devil. The president is no Christian as a matter of fact.  No person can be Christian after having been sworn into the Skull and Bones secret society which demands first loyalty to Satan. Are you beginning to see the light of who is who in America bearing the false light.  The early people in Genesis used slime for mortar and the Baal worshipers and Babel builders still use slime to hold their brick together. The likes of bankers, lawyers and politicians is pure slime like pigs create.  A bucket of ice smelted in New York and it was only black slime left in the bucket and typical of the black hearts that run the country and the world. The 10 lost tribes of Israel migrated to the British Isles by the end of the Old Testament age.  They no doubt spoke Hebrew and many today still speak the native Irish language in Ireland.  The English language is made up of many European languages combining them into one language. All aircraft flying Globally communicate via the English language and all aircraft time is via Greenwich time from the Marine University in Greenwich England near London on the east side and on the south side of the Thames River.  Much of history is underwritten and much history that is written is slanted toward specific world agendas. We are now in the process of rewriting history and even the Bible is being rewritten to be more politically correct. Our food supply and our education is right up the obelisk all over. The amazing magic dollar will not stay in the poor folks pockets, it just vanishes for dollar cokes, dollar French fries and dollar hamburgers.  They dollar you to death.  Mandatory this and mandatory that, there is an implied mandate that is unreal.  There is no law that requires your kids to be vaccinated with the poison commercial racketeering snake juice. They imply in almost every school and hospital even doctors offices and act as if you are  a freak if you refuse to allow this poison to be injected into your children’s arms, it is a lie. The fluoride lie is a complete success and they have the United States sewed up to market poison fluoride by the billions of dollars worth flowing through your tap water or sprinkle system nonstop. We're already fat zombies by 65% and soon will be dead zombies 100%. The dead jellyfish churches with some of their clergymen caught molesting little children, have sacrificed their position of power depositing it with the government under the name of patriotism.  Your patriotism is as filthy rags even at your righteousness is as filthy rags. If one were to desecrate one little paper ribbon bumper sticker to say that we are killing innocent people, that person would be considered a threat to society and dangerous as a te+r#r+o-rist of the worst kind and put away.  There is no real freedom of speech in this country.  We are a super military Police State committed to foreign countries particularly to Israel.  We are Israel every bit as much as Israel and we are a giant with a hook in our nose.  A tiny little country on the Mediterranean is bossing a jumbo super power and its assets in even more than military power.  They own our dollar bill which is considered as currency.  This is part of the secret conspiracy of Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots.  Ultimately, we are spiritual Mystery Babylon still tied tight to England while.