June 26, 2005 journal, the cookie is crumbling and all the truth will be known very soon.

When those in power are exposed for their fraud and deception the entire world will turn around.  Propaganda on television is sickening and causing mental stress and anxiety I do believe.  Media uses psychological methods to depress and control the public on matters.

We have never occupied an Arab nation before and we should have known this would be impossible.  Quoting Lawrence of Arabia from an article in The London Times August 22, 1920 "We say we are in Mesopotamia (Iraq) to develop it for the benefit of the world.  All experts say that the labor supply is the ruling factor in its development.  How far will the killing of 10,000 villagers and townspeople this summer hinder the production of wheat, cotton, and oil?  How long will we permit millions of (dollars), ... thousands of troops and tens of thousands of Arab's be sacrificed on behalf of an administration which can benefit no-body but its administrators". Quote-Lawrence of Arabia 1920, Sunday Times, London.

This sure sounds like us today but it happens after the First World War.  What excuse did they have then to mutilate this territory killing the citizens?  Warmongers will find excuses.

The following happening in eminent domain by a hungry government through the courts.

“Supreme Court: There Is No Private Property. The Dery family has lived in Fort Trum-bull, a section of New London, Connecticut, since the late 19th century.  But their local government has decided that someone else - a pharmaceutical plant and some high-end condos - can make better use of their property, so it looks like they won't live there much longer.  What's that you say? The government can't just take someone's property? Yes, the government can. Through eminent domain: the idea that private property can be taken by the government - with appropriate compensation to the owners - if it's needed for an over-riding public use.  Traditionally, that's meant roads, hospitals, things like that. If there sim-ply is no other place to put the new highway that is desperately needed by an entire com-munity, then government can step in and invoke eminent domain.  That's all changed now. In a ruling that ought to scare every American right down to the marrow, the U.S. Sup-reme Court has ruled that New London, Connecticut, can use eminent domain to seize private property and hand it over to a private company, simply because they expect higher tax revenues from that private company. This is an actual exchange between two Supreme Court justices and an attorney representing New London:  JUSTICE SCALIA: No. I just want to take property from people who are paying less taxes and give it to people who are paying more taxes. That would be a public use, wouldn't it?  JUSTICE O'CONNOR: For example, Motel 6 and the city thinks, well, if we had a Ritz-Carlton, we would have higher taxes. Now, is that okay?  MR. HORTON: Yes, Your Honor. That would be okay. Later.

JUSTICE SCALIA: Let me qualify it. You can take from A to give to B if B pays more taxes?  MR. HORTON: If it's a significant amount.  If you pay $3,000 a year in property taxes, and a developer wants to build high-end condos that will net $5,000 a year in pro-perty taxes, the government can simply give your land to the developer.  That would be okay. Five out of nine Supreme Court justices agreed.  What is supposed to be a harshly limited law has now become a limitless law: if you plan to pay more taxes, you can have the land. Government can take it for no better reason than somebody with deeper pockets wants it.  If that's the law in America, can there be any such thing as real private property rights? Can any of us be said to actually own our homes?  No.   As of now, we keep our property as a sort of public trust. We can keep it, as long as we're willing to pay the most to our government for it. If somebody else comes along who's willing to pay more,” cont.