March 20, 2004 journal, a major earthquake has hit Kobe Japan today as it is reported.

The book may be more about theology than art although the title suggests it is about art.

My theology has changed a bit since I began in 1989 to paint art.  I do assure you my faith

has not changed.  My first journal and those immediately after remind me of the issues we face today.  My art is my mission and has become a ministry. The modern church is diluted with every win of doctrine and even idolatry.  To me 'church' means Protestant churches. I do not consider the "mother church" as a church anymore than I consider Mother Mary to be equal with Christ.  The Catholic "mother" Church I consider a pagan imposture and The Antichrist just as Martin Luther accused the Pope of being from 1517 A. D.  I am prepared to say that the modern Protestant Church may be largely compromised to Satan and also may be a part of the Antichrist.  I consider the true church to be only in the hearts of the people, we are a temple of the Holy Spirit of God.  Our bodies are a Temple of the Holy Spirit commonly referred to by the Full Gospel as the Holy Ghost.  Contemporary churches of worship, originally called charismatic, developed from full Gospel Churches for the most part.  Those churches are basically in three denominations. The Pentecostal Holiness Church headquartered in Oklahoma City, the Church of God, HQ in Cleveland Tennessee and the Assemblies of God from Springfield, Mo.  The charismatic movement is basically independent.  True Christians are basically obscure. No person will be saved by having their name on any church role in the world, only those whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life in heaven will be saved. The perverted sex people face hellfire and brimstone the same as Sodom and Gomorrah as it is recorded in the Old Testament Bible. I believe in divine healing but not as Benny Hinn commercialize his ministry of healing.  I do not see Benny Hinn as a servant of God but I believe he is a server of Satan the devil. I am assuming you have raw vision magazine issue 33 that features my work on the cover and 8 pages inside. Raw Vision Magazine issue 49 carries the collaboration with Norbert Kox 'The Gathering'. Our 4 collaborations reveal a consistent circle of Christian truth. Raw Vision next issue 50 will show my 'Family Tree' painting of past, present and future generations.  Social Security may well be the 666 mark of the beast number. The Roman Numerals when applied to the letters on the Popes permanent crown add up to 666. I support salvation by faith through grace, sanctification of the heart and the anointing or infilling of the Holy Spirit of God in everyone's life. I witness to victory for each individual Christian.  I study in the King James Bible because I believe it contains the Word of God, recognizing that every version of the Bible has been altered some over the past centuries.  I believe in a heartfelt religion, that we can be near to God.  I believe Christ came as the sacrificial Lamb, a permanent substitute for the forgiveness of sin.  I believe even Billy Graham has compromised his conscience for the sake of popularity and universal success. The interpretation of Revelation prophecy of the Apocalypse is rare in art form by artist.

Among those that do paint the images of Revelation, many follow the modern tradition of the rapture and seven years of tribulation with a third coming.  I believe in the second coming of Christ to rule on earth for 1000 Years and even forever.  I believe in divine creation of mankind and animals about 6000 years ago and that the next millennium will be of real peace.  I believe the seventh millennium from creation will complete the cycle.

I believe America was founded by Anglo-Saxon people from the 10 lost tribes of Israel.

I believe in the resurrection of the dead at the coming of the Lord. "The dead in Christ will rise 1st then we who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air".