May 28, 2005 journal, futurism verses historical doctrine for interpreting prophecy of the end time. Back in 1582 a Spanish Catholic Priest wrote the futurist doctrine apparently to take the heat off the Pope who was being accused daily of being the Antichrist and had been since Martin Luther launched the Protestant movement in 1517 posting 95 prominent complaints against the Catholic Church which he pinned on the church door in Wittenberg Germany.  Idolatry and the selling of indulgences along with playing God was chief among his complaints. The futurist believes that all of the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled some time in the future. (if at all) The historical teaching deal with the fulfillment of prophecy as it happened over the last 2000 years.  The rapture doctrine is part of the futurist doctrine, although the godly living will also be caught up and receive their changed bodies so they can live with Christ where ever he is.  Believe in God the creator and Christ as the Savior. None of the Protestant church fathers taught the rapture and it did not catch on right away, until the Puritans discovered it in Spain and brought it with them to the United States.  It took me years to put this in place even though it is clear in history, I had little knowledge of history.  The second coming of Christ I believe could happen any day now but the 7 years of "tribulation" thereafter is not based on scriptural prophecy.  The 7 years of the Antichrist rule and breaking his agreement in three and a half years is also a part of the substitute interpretation confusing it with the seven years of (Yesu) Christ ministry on earth wherein he was cut off in three and a half years by the crucifixion and his disciples finished the ministry, what is sound and solid is the coming of Christ to rule on earth for 1000 years, not the third coming as is implied by the futurist doctrine.  The ecumenical movement consolidating all religions by the World Council of churches is surely of Satan. Satan does not only operate in the movie houses, saloons and sex clubs, he operates in the churches largely and most of them have compromised to the humanist universal doctrine. If we believe in God and Christ as the Son of God as our savior, then doctrine may be of little importance.  God's Church is in the hearts of people and not the steepled churches you see on every street corner.  I believe there are many saints in the church at large, but church membership is not the key to salvation, you must know the Lord God personally. The key thing now is to "come out her" and that is hard for the church to do because they are so intertwined with the states in the field of commerce supporting the Masonic dollar. Take the Bible aside and read it from cover to cover and decide for yourself what is right. Never take here say for the truth even if it comes from the Temple or Church in any state. We are the eighth head of the beast and of the 7 as the scripture defines it in Revelation. We are the Empire of the Americas and of the world of secular Babylon riding with the spiritual mystery Babylon with a bridge from New York to Rome. We are the strongest member of the United Nations and we boss the nations of the world through that demon organization.  We are the trade capital of the world and the financial capital of the world. There are certain foundations to the interpretation of prophecy that you must get right before anything fits in the ultimate outcome.  Once you get the pillows in place through the history that has been then it all fits together like a puzzle and without even a doubt. "We are saved by Grace through faith and that not of ourselves, it is a gift of God". Ephesians 2-8   Church doctrine is often used as a tool of Satan to divide and defeat   good Christian people.  Be in the body of the true church that God has specified and not weighted down with mans doctrine with trivial issues that produce meaninglessly. Be ready when the Lord comes or calls us to all the magnificence he has prepared.