November 13, 2005 journal, the great Terminator has lost his charm with approval rating as low as the presidents reported at 37 percent.  California idol Arnold Schwarzenegger is failing in the polls to solve California's problems and the grand reaper awaits next election.

A lawsuit over California's no child left without sex education program on 11 year-olds.

Paid programs to switch voters of minority races is in full swing reportedly here at home.

The world is in turmoil with Paris burning and tremendous riots in Argentina at the world trade conference. Questions on the crooked Oval Office follow the President everywhere.

CNN on November 4th aired a detailed account of the team’s lies to sell the war to public and to Congress, even Colin Powell's snow job on the United Nations which he appears to regret passionately.  The report states that he was set up and was deliberately uninformed.

One of the ‘black site’ torture prisons is a Soviet Russian prison in Eastern Europe.  This

Government is out of control accounting to no one, making up their own rules as they go.

Second generation Moslems are rioting in Paris, they don't need A-bomb for destruction.

The whole world knows that George Bxush lied about reasons to grab the assets of Iraq.

When a nation cannot discipline its leaders for lies that cost lives then it is truly hopeless.

Prince Charles with his second hand wife camellia toured the devastated New Orleans 9th Ward and then on to San Francisco to visit an organic vegetable farm.  Prince Charles is growing organic vegetables in England.  Organic grown vegetables are showing up in the conventional supermarkets now as a public becomes more aware of chemical destruction.

Winter has shown its destructive winds across the Ohio River with death and devastation.

The Washington Post has the article appearing on Sunday November 4 revealing 30,000 questionnaires are sent out by the government invading the privacy of American citizens.

In sad reality, the television networks have become ‘The Church’ of the American people.

National geographic shows long life people in Okinawa and in northern Italy. They show the war in Nepal in the Himalayas.  Riots have spread to central Paris and battles on our television over this dishonest administration going to war without cause. The v-president

seeking to torture prisoners forbidden by the Geneva Convention rules of POW treatment.

I am participating in the HOB Outsider Art Show in Downtown Disney which coincides with the Disney art masters annual art show this weekend in Florida.  My art is a ministry.

If money is only fiat anyway, then debt is also fiat. Our debt is increasing like a rocket now with the war and the hurricanes.  They say the policy of the Republicans is to let the next-generation pay the debt while Democrats want to tax and spend.  I say slam-dunk the debt

because it is artificial slave master debt and should never be paid off under any conditions.

Fiat money as like a fiat car from Italy without a motor, good only to look at but not ride.

The joke's on China and all our trading partners that have taken the money for real goods or services.  It is only a figma of the imagination that it has value. The banks did not make the money, they created it.  Now the government needs to print up the money and pay off.

The Federal Reserve is a con-artist operation and we knew it and we let them do it to us.

Senator Pat Roberts thought he would stall the second phase of Oval Office investigation.

The Senate was shaken when it was shut down in closed session demanding that report.  The report is all guilty as charged and must be impeached down to the last guilty person.

90% of senators are said to support John McCain’s position of “no torture of prisoners”.

The artificial Ghost of money will disappear when scrutinized and the Federal Reserve is the foundation of our phony money.  Dissolve the Fed and there is no debt of government or individually. What's in your wallet? Debt notes exalting the idol god of Egyptian Osiris.