November 26, 2005 journal, local property tax said to be out of control, must be stopped.

State senator David Thomas told the local property owners Association, as reported in the Times Examiner this week. "one more reassessment will put many in the street homeless".

Even if the federal government fails the state government taxes are so oppressive that for many they will not get relief.  It is my opinion that the dollar will fail by this time and put the present tax system under and that will be a blessing especially in public education that teach evolution as opposed to creation.  The words of John Murtha United States Cong-ressman from Johnstown rings the loudest of all against this insane war and this madman, who is driving this country into double bankruptcy and chaos, but a little longer and it will all happen automatically.  The York Times reported that Bu-sh will listen to no bad news on Iraq therefore he is poorly informed. Kidnappings are on the rise as body bags continue to come home.  Oakland California has a backlash against liquor stores in neighborhoods considered predominantly black.  A major storm cripples the Northwest transportation.

The tax system is unfair to say the lease because it discriminates against poor people who rent houses.  Homeowners in this state are taxed at 4 percent of assessed value while all rental property is considered commercial property and taxed at 6% of the assessed value. This is a 50 percent higher rate by being poor and renting a house to live in.  While the system is pretending to be taxing the rich property owners, it is actually taxing the poor who pay those taxes.  Property-taxes are unfair and no person should have taxes on a home constitutionally.  We could live without the cesspool of today's public education.

The powerful public schools Department of this county are never satisfied until people living on fixed incomes are put out into the street to live on the land now too expensive.

The confession of the California Republican Congressman to taking bribes in millions of dollars continues as the dominoes fallout of a thoroughly corrupt federal government.

Bed bugs have invaded New York City in their hotels and residences in a major way.

U.S. rep. Randy Cunningham of San Diego admitted to taking 2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors that build bombs for the war.  Let everyone confess in government.

Lottery winners are shown to all be miserable and even broke, money does not buy any happiness.  Only peace with God brings peace for body and soul.  Repent and be free.

The puppet is now on the border which is a lost cause to stop immigration of Mexicans.

We are all immigrants to this land and only the American Indians have a true right to it.

Let Congressman Murtha continue his statement until the House comes down on this war.

Anyone opposing the war is automatically labeled a liberal, unpatriotic and like Michael Moore. This is so rotten and unfair, it is said to have backfired on this administration now.

We need Michael Moore to tell more of the secrets of this waylaid government and the dirty dealings of the neo conservative that do not listen to reality.  The plan is to increase the air raids as we withdraw troops which means, we intend to continue killing innocent people indiscriminately.  May God have mercy on our foolish hearts to do such a bloody thing.  Where is common sense?  "Those that live by the sword will die by the sword".  I donot support our troops to kill innocent people anywhere in the world, there’s no excuse.

Pork and Barrel is the name of my painting of Gov. Mark Sanford bringing 2 pigs into the State House to illustrate how wasteful the Legislature was to override his many vetoes of pork spending.  I am proud of Gov. Mark Sanford for doing this and stinking up the State House to best illustrate the carelessness and greediness of the lawmakers to tax and spend. 

Its best to be silent on politics because it is not worth an argument, keep our eyes on God.