November 29, 2005 journal, Vermont secession may be a pattern for all states to secede.

"Here in South Carolina, ending the flow of federal money would mean surviving on our own in a potentially very hostile environment.This would call for maximum self sufficien-cy.A self sufficient infrastructure could not be created following the act of secession. It would have to be mostly in place already. Vermonters might have a serious problem keep- ing warm during the ensuing long northern winter.Mr. Naylor was aware of these things, but saw the effect at obtaining state funding to replace federal funding as just one step to be taken later in a long process.He made a useful observation: an end to the torrent of unfunded federal mandates would free up state money to handle such problems. The real hurdle would be convincing the people of any state that secession is both legitimate and necessary.What would accomplish this?Kurster's Long Emergency, if it hits, the collap-se of the dollar as discussed in part 2; or an attempt by b-us-h to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.In other words, things will have to get worse before conditions are right.Our poorly educated and self absorbed masses-an entrenched political and business establishment!-will literally need a fire built under them before they see a need to act. For those who can clear all those hurdles, I would be the last person to stand in their way.But no neo secessionist has answered me convincingly: assuming every bit of this can be accomplished, what specifically, will the new leadership do when the feds send in the heavy artillery.Peaceful secession this sounds nice, but by definition will work only if both agree to let the other one go without a fight.It is not impossible; Czechoslovakia split peacefully.So did Slovenia.But circumstances there were rather unusual-the parent nations had just been freed from Soviet enslavement.Most secession movements have had to fight for freedom.Advocates of secession had better be sure what they are getting themselves into, which means having plans to deal with the consequences.If they lose, they could doubtless be imprisoned-possibly executed if firefights broke out and any feds lose their lives.If they win, they had better be ready for maximum self sufficiency amidst hostile surroundings.The guarded optimist recognizes something else easily overlooked.The power elite may be rich, but it is not infallible. There is no magic to its methods.Its members are not numerous-probably a few hundred in all. Their unofficial secular ideology the worship of power and money-is alien to most people's ways of thinking.Despite what gets uploaded to CFR web pages, which most of America's entertainment seeking masses won't access anyway, the elite fear public disclosure. They've had close calls before, such as when Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope was published, or with the Barry Goldwater and George Wallace candidacies.If the wrong person gets elected to national office, they are finished. This is why they have seen to it that large sums of money are now necessary for a credible national candidacy-sums that are beyond the means of those outside their orbit of approval. They could still miscalculate our stumble-especially if events accelerate.Let us also remember that the New World Order kingpin David Rockefeller Sr. is 90 years old, he doubtless would like to see some of his envisioned globalist system in place before he goes to meet his maker.This may be one reason new world order underlings in the B-us-h Administration are advancing their "free trade" agenda with reckless abandon.There is hope.The original timetable for the FTAA, for example, is defunct.The elite's original date for implementation was January 2005. Discussions on the deal have stalled; the recent Summit of the Americas in Argentina disintegrated amid political squabbling and public protests.The year 2005 is almost over with no FTAA in place.The plain truth is, those who study these trade deals want no part of them!So what may we conclude? I, back to my first realization: none of us have magic wands.Where we go from here depends on what people do with this information. I can communicate it. Others must take the ball and run with it. With this in mind: (1) People must get over their phobia about "conspiracy theories". It is as much a fact as gravity that a cabal of the international banks-"Bankster's" staged an economic coup back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve System.Since then this cabal has sunk its wealth into tax-exempt foundations and increased its power by control-ing the flow of dollars from such foundations and other entitles in to government, media, academia, business, public education, and elsewhere.Its current goal is to establish reg-ional regimes, the first of which is the European Union. The proposal on the table here is an American Union model on the EU.The long term goal is world government: the New World Order.On their own web pages the globalist are open about their plans for the world. (2) The truth-correspondence with fact as opposed to consensus-reality (see part 1)-is on our side.Laws of economics are all on our side. (See my article a few weeks back on Fred Bastiat).The fact that certain kindís of society seems to prosper and flour-ish, others stagnate and go into decline, is on our side.That these trends occur for ident-ifiable reasons is on our side.Socialism does not work, and the hi-tech neo- federalism of the financial power elite will not work. 3-Nevertheless, any attempt to take our political system and economic lives back from the "Bankster's", whether by secession or by other means, is going to be fraught with hazards.Some will endure unemployed, doing their work living with relatives or tolerant friends.Civil disobedience might be necessary; I can easily envision people ending up in prison before things play themselves out. Home land Security and U.S. Patriot Acts already lay the groundwork for political dissidents to be declared terrorists and held without being officially charged with anything or allowing appeal to the courts. (4) -We must therefore educate and then educate some more.The means of doing so are in place; it is just a matter of using them. I am all in flavor of home schooling, for instance, and forming private schools to pick up where home schooling leaves off. We need real education on a large scale. Real education is more than job train-ing for wage slavery in the "global work force".It means being able to think and act in-dependently, as an individual. This calls for education heavy with reading, writing, arith- metic, and mathematics, personal finance and economics, religious and ethical instruction, and basic reasoning. Historical literacy is also necessary.Part of our problem is that most people today have little inkling who our forefathers were, why they separated from the British Empire, or what they put in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.A viable opposition to the incipient New World Order must immense itself in our founding and the philosophy behind it-so that its members know not simply what they are against but what they are for. This essay has been long and unwieldy.I hope I haven't lost any one.Since I have no crystal ball about what the future holds, I must end inconclusively.Ē

This article was written by Stephen Yates Ph.D. In the last 3 days I have quoted most of it based on facts. I would like to give my view of prophecy or a gut feeling. This nation as I have said many times will collapse in the same way that Russia did before our eyes without firing a shot.We donít need to worry about fighting for our freedom from this oppressive government and the teeth gritting VP boss of this President.They are breaking the Bank, that is, they are breaking the money down in dilution by rapid massive spending. Without the U.S. dollar this government is history, the states must become independent counties.