September 22, 2005 journal, this is another world, a world of confusion with war, death.

The storm past, they could not miss such a golden opportunity to spend so much money, with most of it going into their own pockets like Halliburton to rebuild. Those Blackwater

goons were on hand available and even visible immediately to ride the streets shooting at any and everything. Now we have Mexican troops patrolling the streets of San Antonio.

We have the Canadian mounted Police and we have the Israeli secret security teams here.

The United Nations is already in control and nobody seems to know, I want to say hello to this nation but nobody out there is listening so why confuse them even more with the truth when they are all zombies with their faces in the television propaganda international tube.

No one will believe anyone would blow up the levees deliberately just to cause another big emergency. Before the Iraq war, oil was $18 per barrel and now it is $70. Who gets the windfall more than those Houston oil barons that invented this brainless puppet dictator. I do not believe anything coming out of the New York media spin doctors news networks.

You cannot believe any advertisement and certainly nothing in politics. You cannot believe law enforcement and you cannot even believe the modern compromised has been church.

This brainless administration needed another sudden crisis to divert bad publicity off Iraq.

"The city of Chicago on Sep 14 voted 29 to 9 asking the Government to withdraw all our troops immediately from Iraq following San Francisco and others. (Seattle Post. A P.)" Thank-you Chicago! "Chicago... became the nation's largest city to urge the B--- admin-istration to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq at once. Chicago joins other cities including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and 50 communities in Vermont and the Chicago suburb of Evanston in calling for the withdrawal of troops. The vote followed an hour of emotional debate, including an impassioned speech by Alderman Burton Natarus, who fainted there after. "It's time to call a halt to the bloodshed" he said "It's time to load up the ships, load up the planes and welcome home the troops. Alderman Bernard Stone said he backed the invasion of Iraq but changed his mind as the death toll of U.S.A. troops climbed. "Do we think we can make the citizens of Iraq accept democracy by having our troops killed in the roads?" He said "We are not supporting our troops by having them killed". Amen to that.

Don't expect to hear this from the New York Zion controlled indoctrinational idiot press.

"Many of them will come around when a goon trained by South Africa's apartheid govern-ment shoves the muzzle of an M-16 in their faces, barking obscenities and smashing up the furniture, of course, by then, it will be far too late". 23 abortion clinics went down in New Orleans along with the Southern Decadence gay parade schedule for Labor Day weekend.

What kind of city is this to build back with 44% saying they do not want to go back there to live. FEMA has ordered hundreds of loads of ice but cannot find anyplace to unload it, and one truck load already incurred $9,000 in extra freight charges over two weeks time.

John Roberts is being called a faggot publicly but no US senator will confront him with th-is question. Another John Roberts frequently in the White House is said to be openly gay.

The super legal looters are the gambling casinos and the government, City, County, State.

"Yard Apes" they were called by a Vice-President of the Greenville Technical institution,

according to the Greenville News. This person was asked immediately to resign her post.

Paper or plastic they ask me and I give them plastic for my milk and bread. Not long ago

they would ask for gold or silver but now it is paper or plastic, creditcard or paper money.

The church at large is blind to the evils of today not wanting to hear the truth. They want to hear happy go lucky praise for themselves while they pig out as gluttons on meat, coke.