September 25, 2005 journal, super confusion in religion and government all agreeing on a one world system of Antichrist.  Massive troubles have begun for this phony democracy.

Pat Roberson is first to feed the people and never mentions the sin of all the gambling, Catholicism, g-a-y parading, voodoo, prostitution, drunkenness and their Mardi Gras.

What about the president parading as a Christian.  The Supreme Court nominee is said to be an open g-a-y, of course I have no hope that this nation will repent.  Even Lott tried to persuade his friends to leave Sodom but he failed, his wife also failed and took one last look at the city she loved burning. Lott always pitched his tent toward the city of Sodom.

I thought New York was the worst and would be destroyed first according to prophecy but New Orleans is the decadence or the most sinful.  It is too late to paint New Orleans.

Still no preacher popular with the government will condemn the New Orleans lifestyle or

the faggots, they have all been declared saints.  The godless government will pay to build back the gambling casinos, Bourbon Street, the Southern Decadence Festival of g-a-y-s. The voodoo gods and the legalized whiskey bars. The government will restore all the 23 abortion clinics that were destroyed by the storm yet they receive much praise from the phony church and its false Christians.  The name “Christian” don’t mean much anymore.

There are many people understanding today and speaking it out over a new radio station here.  I attended a luncheon and was amazed at how advanced they are in understanding.

One man knew all about Yesu.  One lady was well into the Apocalypse reality of today.

Maybe I need to stop because I never have a complete understanding, it's a day at a time. I do believe that I am gravitating now to a more complete understanding. When they say to verify it by the Scriptures, I know many things are changed in the Scriptures. If we have 30,000 denominations in the Protestant movement alone, one solid hard rock Catholic Church, a hundred synagogues at least, we have more confusion than in the Superdome.

Everyday I learn more feeling I am just now ready to go public with a greater ministry.  Everyday I find something wrong that I may have done or said in the past. If we wait until we know it all to paint, to write or to speak then when will we know when we know it all?

I followed my brother into Pentecost and I believed everything he said till I began to paint art at which time God turn me-around to see many truths that I had not been acquainted with before. My brother went through the traditional full Gospel Bible College after he was led out of the Baptist Church by God I believe, but now he is cemented into the tra-ditional doctrine and will not change such as my family are also.  I changed to bear the reproach of being an artist and even more to bear the reproach of speaking out the truth.  Because I felt lead and anointed to paint the Book of Revelation 300 floor long, just-in-time for the end is near show at AVAM.  I had already been enlightened to British Israel but not yet to the true name of Yeus as the correct name of Christ.  Should someone of stop me back there when I was teaching ‘Jesus’ to my Sunday school students?  Should someone have disqualified me and turned me off forbidding me to witness and to help the missions?  Should I have not painted the 300 foot long Book of Revelation in art?  Even though parts of it may be wrong and I have changed in more recent paintings, have I done wrong by exhibiting what I considered Christian art which contains some mistakes and inaccuracies?  If so is it as serious as the wrongs of Benny Hinn, Mohammed, Buddha, Hindu or Joseph Smith's Mormon Church?  But all these people may have thought they were doing right?  The most damaging of people in ministry are those that know it all. And having closed their door to learning anything different than what they were taught.