September 31, 2005 journal, it has been said that if you can talk you do not write and if you can write you do not paint.  Yes I know there is no 31 days in September but I need more time to write and certainly more time to paint bizarre things going on in this world.

Let us stop time in its tracks because perhaps I fear even to go into October in a direction

contrary to God's plan and nature. Now we're going to the moon again as we outlaw God

on earth.  Little towns like Anderson and Central are being ordered by the ACLU to stop opening their town meetings with prayer.  It must be the work of the Zionist with religious overtones.  The voice of truth and freedom of worship is faint in lieu of foreign religions.

Stop time until this nation repents and puts the true and living God up in front and center.

Hurricane Rita is headed for the Texas Gulf Coast, New Orleans continues as a cesspool.

It is bizarre to think that the Alaskan HAARPs atmosphere control system would cause hurricanes.  Global warming is certainly a lie.  Could I possibly catch up my work in this extra false imaginary day?  Wholesale killing in Iraq still goes on as abortion continues yet we see no harm, no wrong and no reason for repentance.  Look now at the 21 judgments.

God has given us real emergences, trouble at home to deal with as opposed to overseas, if anything on the national government approved airwaves is the truth its strictly by accident.

I try to stay humble before God to learn anew even old truths as I be enlightened by God, through the Holy Spirit of God. Everyday I live I feel more capable of distinguishing false doctrine which bounces off of me like water on a ducks back.  Honestly, I do not know why there is not ‘one truth’ for Christians without having 33,000 denominations.  Should someone start a graduate school for students of the Bible and give them all tests and then a certificate of approval when they feel they have the truth and are safe to speak to people in public representing the gospel and God.  I am aware of the commercial gospel and the commercial preachers like Jack Van Impe and Pat Roberson, even Billy Graham who seem to be more for self as movie stars and protecting the Lodge and the Illuminati with the all seeing eye idol. The only problem is that when you establish the one and only it eventually becomes just another denomination and then you have 33,000 plus one additional different denomination competing with the one Catholic doctrine called the "original church" and in addition to the 100 or more different Jewish synagogues. I think what we need is a revival from God to have a one mind toward God and then eliminate all the churches and different doctrines.  Some days I think I know nothing but I am willing to learn.  I just try to obey God and witness what I feel strongly about based on what little I know.  Obedience to the Lord God is more important than what we know.  Hear the Lord through His Scriptures.

It is really not the government's responsibility to rebuild New Orleans or even to feed the people.  People are playing right into the hands of the “sea beast” when they demand help from the federal beast surrendering their DNA and waiting three days to register with the Red Cross to get their pennies.  This is evidence of a dependent people.  New Orleans has been classified as the most corrupt city in America, I think it earns that title appropriately.

Democracy is the result of a strong republic, it is too bad we lost our republic as a nation.

If you oppose the war they call it politics, the church says have nothing to do with politics.

They think it's OK for the United States to be killing people on a wholesale bases in Iraq.

This new storm Rita is already a category 5 hurricane by mid gulf region and it could wipe out the rest of oil ridges and refineries in the Houston area. They're speculating on $5 per gallon gas now suddenly.  There was a movie before 9one1 predicting three disasters and they are now waiting for the third shoe to drop in Los Angeles with a mighty earthquake.