April 02, 2012 journal, Trinity Broadcasting has a new logo with the Star of David and the cross combined even though the Star of David is not in the Christian Bible, Old or New Testament. The Star of David is a pagan symbol of the pyramids of Egypt and it is the Antichrist. I have seen clearly that the dynasty of Popes were the Antichrist and they are Antichrist along with many other antichrists. According to New Testament scripture all things that are not of Christ is Antichrist. We have been grossly misled in doctrine of the Church since 1582 telling us that Antichrist will be one man when he will be billions. He has millions of people teaching falsely that in the future there will be a man to rise up as Antichrist. May God help us to understand the false doctrine that is being spewed out of the dragon's mouth as is clearly indicated in the Book of Revelation. I have tried to say it kinder and gentler in respect to those who are doing their best to live and be godly but I must say it as the truth. Satan is on the warpath and I must take another look at Jack Van Impe whom I have identified as a false prophet for his failure to identify the true House of Israel. Now that he has resisted TBN and the Saddle Back Church in attempt to combine Christianity with the Islamic religion, there is said to be good in everybody and we should applaud what we find and see in people. Let us praise God for the good people. Let us praise God for the good in people realizing that we all have failed at sometime in our life. To my knowledge the Star of David is not in any Jewish Bible of the 4 versions I know of. The Torah consist of the 5 Books of Moses of the Old Testament but the Talmud is Babylonian mythologist and I believe you will find the Karbalah the same. There is one of the complete Old Testament. The Christian Church has been the greatest advocate of the modern-day Israel. The House of Israel is still visible through the tribe of Judah and basically in the Orthodox Jewish community most opposed to the modern State of Israel. God have mercy on the Christian Church and forgive this ignorance. Neither the modern Christian Church nor the Khazar Zionist Russian Jewish converts that make up the State of Israel have the authority to change God's Word or the ancient Israelites. No exceptions. Read the book, The Thirteenth Tribe by author Arthur Koestler saying and proving that modern Israel are not God's Semitic people. They are not the Israelite House of Israel. Therefore opposing modern Israel is not anti-semitic. The Zionists Khazars are Russian people and the fathers of communism under Lenin. It is not to say there are not poor people in Georgia and all southern Russia. It is to say that these people converted to Judaism in 743ad and out of this eventually came the communism of Russia and the Antichrist State of Israel. The Church is in denial as to the seed of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. No matter how diplomatic you say it, it all comes back down to the same bottom line. The modern State of Israel comes out of Russian Communism and the Star of David is not biblical. The modern State of Israel as of 1948 is not the House of Judah or Israel. The Star of David symbol of modern Israel does not appear at all in the Holy Bible as it is a pagan symbol coming out of Egyptian bondage. The Khazars were never in Egypt or Israel. It is noted in the Word of God for us when we pray, pray to the Father, "When you pray, pray, our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen". Pray always to the Father and receive his divine blessings. Out of 7 churches Christ in the Book of Revelation was critical of all but one, after 100 years.